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My RijiN review after some days / months using it


-My RijiN Review-

I've been using RijiN and RijiN only ever since i bought a lifetime subscription for Team Fortress 2 (TF2), i never considered about changing my RijiN for anything else, the cheat really works well.

Note: I use RijiN mostly for HvH, so if you're a legit cheater and are looking for a review or hints about legit gameplay, this post isn't 100% useful for your gameplay style, anyway, if you are taking a look at reviews to see if you should or shouldn't buy the cheat, it's 100% okay.

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The Aimbot:
The Hitscan Aimbot (Review: 9.8/10)
The hitscan is pretty good, multi-points are pretty stable and good, performs well with aimbot, everything just works fine. I just dislike the fact that for automatic weapons, the accurate unlag performs pretty bad in high ping, but it isn't much of a challenge playing without it.

The Projectile Aimbot (Review: 9.5/10)
I don't want to lie here; the projectile aimbot could be a little bit better, especially for Demoman, that looks pretty weird, maybe it's my gameplay style, since i don't main Demoman and i mainly play Medic, the aimbot is pretty damn good, specially because you can select the Priority Point to Center, which makes the Aimbot Projectile for Medic much, MUCH better.

The Visuals:
The ESP (Review: 9.4/10)
About the ESP, well, the ESP works pretty great, but i don't like the little lack of features it has, it has no Healthbar numbers, no Class ESP, no Skeleton, no 3D Box, etc. Could have more features like those, but the ESP still pretty much clean and works fine! (especially the ESP on Projectiles, which tells you which projectile is a crit or not, and if you main VACC Medic, it's sooo much good because you can time your charges, predict which ones are the bests to charge or not, and you waste less charges (or you can just go Auto VACC and Auto Uber xddd))

The Chams and Glow (Review: 9.5/10)
Pretty good, works well and has a pretty damn beautiful glow, loved it, i just don't give it a 10/10 for it because sometimes my Chams turns black transparent and my glow stops working with it, sometimes it comes back to normal after a while or i need to restart completely my TF2 to it come back. Otherwise, works good!

Other (Review: Idk Really/10)
No idea, works fine, good viewmodel customizations, works fine, pretty damn good spawn doors transparency customization, but it could have night mode (No idea if it already has, tried everything and nothing seems to be nightmode in it)

Hack vs Hack (Review: 9.9/10)
Main Anti Aim (Review: 10/10)

It's just the checks for whether you want such things to work, nothing much to say about it.

Pitch Anti Aim (Review: 10/10)
It works so well, i absolutely LOVE the automatic pitch feature, it's so damn good, i don't know how you guys (the devs) did the pitches this good, but it is, love it, i absolutely love it.

Yaw Anti Aim (Review: 9.7)
Could have more things, more customization and stuff, but it works fine and is good!

FakeLag (Review: 9.9/10)
Works pretty damn good too! RijiN's fakelag is pretty good and i love it, i just don't know how to use the Anti-Backtrack and Peek Fakelag features, but it's good!

Animations (Review: 10/10)
Is actually pretty good, i absolutely love the broke animations feature, i love it so much, lol
Misc Anti-Aim (Review: 10/10)
Works fine, the Fast Stop is op, the peek assist (idk, i never use it), and the Resolver, gosh the Resolver is so good, i love it so much too, could be a little bit better; idk how, but it works fine like this, love it!

It has so much features; i love it too, there aren't some features that i would like it to have, such as ping reducer, but it's pretty good, loved it!

Auto VACC (Review: 10/10)

It's so op; it works fine, the best Auto VACC i've ever seen in the entire TF2 cheat community, loved it. Simply best!

Auto Uber (Review: 10/10)
Well, it's an Auto Uber, works fine; perfectly fine.

Auto Kritz (Review: 10/10)
Same review as the Auto Uber.

Helpers (Review: 10/10)
It works, simply it works, pretty good though, the Uber on "Activate Charge" works 100% fine; it's even much better with the friends only option, MvM Auto Shield works well too, pretty good, Quick-Fix follows Demo-Charge i don't know, never used it.

Auto Reflect (Review: 10/10)
OP.. It's unfair of how op; so much good, so good that works even in 50 ping, GOOOOOD.

Others (Review: 9.8/10)
Works pretty well, i dislike using Auto Sticky Detonation on 100% Blast Radius Size because Legits and / or Cheaters can bait it sometimes so it detonates and gives no damage, no idea why. But everything else works 100% good and perfect!

Playerlist (Review: 9.8/10)
Pretty good; works fine; could have 3 more "roles" to put into players on the playerlist, like Rage, Suspicius and Closet

Lobby List (Review: 10/10)
Everything works perfectly fine; pretty damn good.

Questions i did myself that may answer yours:
Was it worth buying RijiN?

Was it worth buying its Lifetime subscription?
Would you tell someone to buy RijiN if they ask what cheat to buy for themselves?
Ofc; the cheat is simply good; one of (if not) the bests.
What is the thing you mostly like in the cheat?
The Aimbot; it flicks a lot at the enemy and i like watching it killing everybody for me.
What is the thing you mostly hate in the cheat?
My Chams turning black and my Glow disappearing sometimes; weird glitch.

How do you mostly use the cheat?
HvH and / or blatantly cheating in Casual or community servers.
How the cheat performs with mods?
Pretty normal and well; the cheat is pretty optimized and works fine with everything.
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