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My Rijin review

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Aimbot: 9/10. I have not used many cheats but this is probably the best aimbot i've used. Don't do hvh much ( i like to have fun ) but it has does pretty good hitting. Could have more features like smooth aim but using smooth aim is for boring time and a fov circle ( i miss this ). More options for target selection is also nice

Crits: 10/10. They work. Not much to say about it they work well.

Double Tap: 9/10. It works very well and provides the amusement. However no melee double tap??

Visuals: 7/10. There isn't that much customization but they don't look bad. Also some things that are missing that i like such as tracers

Misc: 8/10. It has a decent amount of stuff in here. Tho it still does lack a few features.

Interface: 7/10. The interface doesn't look bad however has no customization.

Rijin is good cheat. Lacks a few features but features it has are done well. It is also fun having my hwid reset every time i play cause my pc decides it does not like staying the same according to rijin. Also config is kinda annoying having to use the console.
Thanks for the review, I've added some time to your subscription.
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