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My RijiN TF2 Review (Pre-recode)

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After a month of testing the cheat with a gifted sub from a kind fellow who also uses this cheat, I think I've had enough time to form my opinions and make a review on the cheat!
(NOTE: This review was made before the recode, so any complaints or bugs mentioned may be fixed after the recode!)

  • Aimbot (hitscan):
The hitscan aimbot in RijiN was nearly flawless. I had never really missed with the minigun, or when playing around with other things like Engineer's shotgun or just playing normally as Scout with the scattergun. There are a couple bugs such as not being able to target buildings when a player is in FOV, but other than that, the aimbot is perfect as it is.

  • Aimbot (Projectiles):
The projectile aimbot in RijiN is definitely worth it. It is highly accurate, never really misses and will always land some incredible shots when setup just right. The Direct Hit aimbot I almost never miss with, and I'm always able to turn my brain off and pubstomp lobbies as the projectile aimbot just never misses. Huntsman is a little gimmicky but you will get used to it when you use the cheat for long enough. The charge bot will charge the shot perfectly to how much you need it and almost will never miss or hit body (unless you have bodyaim if lethal on).
A video of mine demonstrating the projectile aim
  • Visuals:
The visuals in RijiN are clean, simple and easy to work with. There are no bugs with the ESP and overall the ESP works perfectly fine. There aren't many styles that you can really go with the ESP, but overall, it's very simple. Cham styles are quick to configure and give RijiN it's iconic look with players with it's two-tone chams, which look nice and have been my preferred color-scheme with chams on all cheats. The menu is very simple, and everything is there in plain and simple text.

  • Doubletap:
    The doubletap is OK. It's certainly not the best out there as I have missed a bunch when playing Force-a-Nature scout, but overall, the doubletap is fine.

  • HvH:
    The cheat performs almost perfectly in HvH. Fakelag scout fights you will almost always win with how good the lagfix is on RijiN. Anti-aims are limited, but can be godly if setup right. The resolver is... not good. The resolver is highly outdated, and basically does not function. Backtrack and fake-latency I did not get to test unfortunately so it will not be in this review, but from what I have seen, it's pretty decent.

Misc (This will be split up into a couple sections)


  • (autovote)
The autovote sometimes works. Casting votekicks works perfectly fine, but due to lack of being able to detect party members, it will cast votes on party members. Autovote F1 works sometimes but stops working after a while. Autovote F2 is very limited and could be worked upon.

  • (anti-autobalance)
Anti-autobalance works fine, but it does not check if a votekick is active on you. So when someone casts a vote on you, It has a chance of actually retrying during a vote, which gets you kicked from the game.


  • (Noisemaker spam)
Noisemaker spammer is... questionable. It will work when holding out fists or a shotgun but will stop working when holding out Heavy's minigun, but on all other classes, it works perfectly fine.

  • (Speedhack)
Speedhack is again, questionable. For people on lower-end PCs, you are way better off using cheats like ******** or ******* for speedhack, as RijiN drains your fps when aimbotting using speedhack, but other than that, the speedhack works completely fine, and allows for funny exploits to be done with the speedhack shot exploit.

  • (Party networking)
Party networking is perfect. Far ESP works completely fine and almost never drops out on me. Networking things via party chat is a feature that I wish more cheats would pioneer on and use, and is one of the few unique features in RijiN that makes it stand out from the rest. Just remember to turn it off when Non-RijiN or Non-Lithium users are in your party or you may end up crashing people.

  • (Movement)
Bunnyhop works completely fine apart from sometimes not being able to jump when joining a server (albeit that happens on all cheats). Auto-strafer is almost flawless. There is a bug with demo support that causes you to walk in an S pattern until you fall off a surface, but this will hopefully be fixed in the recode.

And that's all I have for my review!
My overall rating for the cheat is: a 9/10.
There are a couple things that could be improved upon, but overall the cheat is nearly flawless.
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