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My Rijin TF2 V1 review

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This review will be very short, but i will try to give my opinions on the TF2 cheat. Apologies for any grammer mistakes, im a little retarded

Aimbot 9/10

The aimbot is so fucking good, one of the best i have ever used, very rarely has it ever missed legits, invis spies or rocket jumping soldiers.

Projectile Aimbot 9/10

Again, really fucking good, I would say its just as good if not better then ***'s, obviously it isnt perfect, sometimes it manages to miss players standing still, but the amount of airshots I have got is way more then how much I have got with ***.

Visuals 8/10

The visuals are very simplistic, which isnt a bad thing at all, the lack of customization kinda sucks but I still like them a lot, the chams are very good. Sometimes theres a weird glitch with the chams where they will just appear black, but besides that they aren't bad.

Doubletap 10/10

Rijin is one of the only public cheats to have a doubletap, and it is probably the best doubletap i have seen, even including private cheats. I have one tapped heavys as a scout with DT and crit hack.

Crit Hack 10/10

This is probably one of the best crit hacks, I can consistently get crits and just destroy enemys

HvH 9/10

I haven't HvHed much with Rijin, but the times I did I had managed to destroy ******* and ***, the anti aims are decent, again I haven't HvHed much to determine if they are good, but from what I have used enemys struggled to hit my head.

Misc 9/10

Just a normal misc tab, theres stuff like medbot, navbot, bhop, autovote etc.

Full Cheat Review 9/10

I would really recommend Rijin to anyone, it is a very good cheat and I will definitely be buying V2 when it comes out.
Thanks for the review, I've added some time to your subscription. Glad to hear you're enjoying the cheat.
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