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My Rijin V2 TF2 Review

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Rijin.Solutions V2 Review Results

Hello everyone! So today I am happy to say I have done my personal review and test of Rijin.Solutions V2
I may have only had about a few hours with it but I was able to compare and test everything I wanted to and then some
So lets get into the results (My video only showed my last match of the day with it, This review will have much more detail)


The option to have hitchances and various other factors taken into account with the aimbot really made it hit the mark.
Of course taken into account you have to know how to configure things, This I had some help with.
Projectile aimbot was as spot on as it could get. (There is no 100% perfect with projectiles, this is just the truth)
Different classes were handled excellently and having different configurations per class was an amazing setup and is something I love to have.
I almost never missed and being able to have different types of firing (Auto, On attack, On key) made this more modular which is very good.
I could configure my sniper to be undetected while spectating while keeping my soldier setup to cover anyone on my screen with no issues.
Pyro was very effective and understood its range limits with the flame thrower effectively.
Being able to have such a good projectile aimbot with the crossbow made it far more effective to heal with the crossbow too.
The ambassador fires at proper intervals to prevent spread very excellently, zero complaints there.
Demo would do well with arc prediction. (I am very aware you are working on it, Take your time, this cheat is already the best i've used)
The dragon's fury doesn't bug out when I use it with aimbot which is perfect for me as I prefer to use it.
Projectile aimbot properly calculates between different speed projectiles and doesn't bug out on first target. (I'm mentioning this as ****** bugged out there)
The aimbot doesn't try to shoot through randomly objects (******** and **** are both guilty of this and it wastes ammo usually)
Different types of silent aimbot is amazing so I dont have to compromise between bullet weapons and projectile weapons.

Aimbot scores a 9.8/10


Visuals do not lag me like ****, ********, and ****** all have. (Yes they are all guilty of this)
Chams and glow do not suddenly stop working. (**** and ****** are guilty of this)
Stencil glow is minimal and simple just how I like it.
ESP has many many flags that can be displayed which is amazing.
I can see everything I want to without problems.
The menu doesn't cause problems and looks very nice.
I don't have to worry about backtrack history lagging me to death as I don't have to display all of them. (**** and ******** are guilty of this)
I do wish I had a form of a radar or some indicator to show when a spy is behind me. (I can tend to be oblivious to what is around me)
Indicators for DT and Crits are very comfortable on the screen and I can actually tell how much dmg I need to escape being crit banned.
I can independently configure what indicators I want.
I can set transparency on chams so I can have some unique setups for my visuals.
I like how the projectile prediction is shown when used.
Fun Note: The ESP and Chams function perfectly with my custom weapon models, including projectiles

Visuals scores a 9.5/10


Antiaim is exactly how it should be, straight to the point and understandable.
The fake lag doesn't rubber band me into oblivion when I hit my voice key. (****** deeply suffers with this issue)
Antibackstab actually functions as intended. (**** antibackstab will fail every once in a while)
The resolver actually hits bots and rage hackers effectively even if I manually fire.
Peek assist is extremely helpful for me because I absolutely suck at going to cover after peeking.
AntiBacktrack is a very wonderful thing as I don't have to worry about someone only trying to target my backtrack.
Break jump animations seems more like a novelty to me but it's likely I'm unsure of its use.
Having the resolver only work on cheaters and bots is amazing so I don't have to resolve anyone thats not using antiaim or anything.
Legit antiaim! Something I very much love as I can use it without anyone noticing it instantly.
Pitches can be done auto or manual, Good for me as I don't know how to do pitches lol.

HvH Scores a 10/10


Scout was able to be setup for FaN DT while having the ability to recharge without being frozen in place with passive charging. (brownie points!)
Heavy DT charges more packets than other classes which is perfect with the minigun!
Being able to know whos a cheater and the ability to detect them is very very cool, Now I can spot closet cheaters more easily and not mistake legits.
Autostrafe works perfect and can from what I assume avoid walls for me!
BHop doesn't air jump randomly. (This is good for baby face scouts)
A server lagger is quite interesting to have. (People always think a bot is doing it so hilarious for trolling)
Crit hack works as it should.
Fast queue, This is an absolute godsend to me.
Doubletap, Works as it should and has a higher tickrate for heavy. (very very clever there)
Blocking specific queue regions, I can finally avoid UK servers that TF2 randomly puts me in!
Party networking, Unique and awesome, People can ping locations, ESP is shared for FAR ESP, and Resolver data is shared so easier HVH in teams!
Auto vote, something I rarely used until now since I can choose what it votes and how it votes.
Auto mute bots!! Finally the omegatronics cant ear rape me anymore!
Send bot identity, I don't remember fully but I think this makes (removed) users think im on (removed).
Streamer Mode, For those who think they're on valves KoS.
Block noisemaker spam, Thank the gods I dont need a mod for that now.
Anti-cheat compatibility is something I like so I can use this on communities and not get noticed. Interesting feature if you ask me.
Passive DT Charging doesn't cause jitter step! Now I can charge DT without anyone noticing.
Autorec HVH matches, Now thats something I find very interesting and useful for when I toggle for HVH in matchmaking.
Autovacc is extremely effective and very quick to work.
Being able to adjust autovacc sensitivity is perfect so that it doesn't just spaz out.
Autoreflect works very very well, Just kinda wish you could set an FoV on it so that it wouldn't trigger if someone was behind you in matchmaking. (Ghosting basically)
Auto sapper, thats a fun one to use and god did those engineer HATE me.
Chargebot, I love it cause now I can demoknight without having to compensate for my terrible mouse control.
Autouber works very well and doesn't randomly trigger. (**** would randomly trigger for no reason)
The additional "helpers" is a nice thing to have for the small things that can be of use.
The menu can be colored very very simply and still look good with the color scheme I prefer.

Misc scores a 9.9/10

Overall Results

This is by far the best cheat I have ever used and I don't think any other cheats will feel the same after using Rijin.
I always wondered why Rijin users would always dominate me and now I understand exactly how much they have at their disposal.
This cheat has everything I want and everything I need.

Overall Score is 9.9/10

Video of my final match on the day of the testing (4.11.22)
Sorry if it hasn't finished processing into 1440p Youtube is a little slow with my videos.
Hello, thanks for the review. I'm glad to see you're enjoying the cheat and gave it the chance! I partially watched your "review" video and wanted to say that our own implementation of LUA scripting will be out by 2.3.0 I imagine, with the next update 2.2.5 containing some new features and a lot of QoL/Normal improvements. On topic of becoming a tester for RijiN this is something that is given out at almost complete random to dedicated users of our cheat(s) who show an interest in making high quality suggestions and bug reports. As per usual I've added some time to your subscription for the review, thanks again.
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