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My tf2 cheat review after 4 days of use

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Aimbot 10/10 - I don't have any issues with the aimbot at all, It resolves anti-aims flawlessly and rarely misses.
Projectile aimbot 9/10 - The project aimbot is very good probably the best on the market right now, I often hit shots that other cheats wouldn't hit for sure, the score isn't 10/10 since I sometimes have issues with fps while using the huntsman and the projectile aimbot doesn't work on demoman.
Doubletap 10/10 - Its very good, charges really fast and works on a lot of weapons.
Crithack 9/10 - Its good, tells you how many damage you need to deal to get crit unbanned, but I had some issues with crits on soldier.
Visuals 10/10 - The visuals don't have a lot of customization but they still are very good looking and don't make your eyes bleed.
Misc 9,5/10 - It has features every cheat has except navbot and fast queue not much cheats have it, also it lacks auto vaccinator.

Rijin is a very good tf2 cheat, imo is worth for its price I can't wait for the recode
Thanks for reading my review have a nice day
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Thanks for the review, I've added some time to your subscription.
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