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Review for Rijin V1 for TF2

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Bought Rijin for 3 months. Only ever owned ****.

Aimbot (8.5/10)

Works great, barely have anything negative to say about it, does its job. Projectile aimbot also works good, Simple vs Advanced I don't understand the difference but I know advanced is better. Projectile aimbot is great, misses sometimes but other than that very good. My only other complaint is that it doesn't have a setting to shoot teammates with crusaders crossbow.

Crithack (4/10)

For like 2 months I couldn't ever make it work with guns, melee worked good. The third month I could make it work but still buggy. It telling you how much damage is also useful.

Backtrack (10/10)

Love it worked great also like the feature that its only for melee.

ESP (7/10)

Like it I guess it clogs up my screen a lot but just trying to know info its hard to decide between info or being able to see. Its cheat detection goes off randomly for legits.

Misc (8/10)

Auto backstab works amazing with backtrack. Auto airblast also very good works sometimes not a lot on dodgeball servers. I don't know if this is misc but it lags when I switch weapons after I die each time. Auto sticky also very good never misses. The config system typing in console sucks. Auto strafe and bhop is way better than ****. Also it doesn't have no scope like ****.

DT (9/10)

Amazing works all the time only complaint is that you cant choose to teleport forward unlike ****.

HvH (10/10)

Love its AA works great with aimbot, fixlag is cool, and finally the best multipoint scale is godly don't know what it does but it destroys. I do barely come into HvHs though.

Overall (8.5/10)

Very good much better than **** few complaints but I hope it will be fixed / added in V2. I would buy this for a month just see if you like it or it works with your pc. But very hopeful for V2.
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