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review for the TF2 cheat, with a TLDR


Legit Aimbot
this cheat is definitely not for legit cheating, the whole legit aimbot is just a rage aimbot with smoothing, it only aims at backtrack unless you turn off backtrack completely. theres only a logarithmic smoothing mode which is a shame, a linear smoothing mode would be a great improvement

Projectile Aimbot
most probably the best projectile aimbot, you still have to pay attention when you shoot so you don't miss, but the hit chance feature makes the experience much better. with 1000ms 70% direct hit you'll hardly ever miss a shot.

Rage Aimbot
there's nothing much to talk about, it works as it should.

it's a shame it's not possible to change the max amount of ticks to charge, other than that works as it should.

one of the most confusing menus I have ever used. the visuals part is really messy and I wish rijin would make tabs by enemy, team, friends etc. instead of the effect. in my opinion doubletap should be in aimbot instead of misc, it's annoying to turn off doubletap whenever i switch from hitscan to a projectile class. also i wish backtrack chams wouldn't be dependent on real model chams.

good aimbot, don't buy if closet cheating is your main interest, menu takes time to get used to.
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