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Rijin for closeting. (TF2)


I don't do much rage or HvH which Rijin is mostly made for, but it's a god-send even for closet/legit cheating. I've gone through plenty of cheats in the past and none live up to Rijin's quality.
So if you're on the fence about trying Rijin out because you're worried it won't be good for subtle cheating, don't be.
a tf2 cheat with a functional triggerbot that doesnt shoot at walls randomly???????
Can confirm, it's fine for legit cheating. Here's a screenshot of a game I had using only triggerbot, ESP, and movement/misc visual features.
thank you! This information you have provided has changed my life, me, a divorced mother with 8 kids and an abusive husband who give methamphetamine to my dog, have really appreciated this information. Now, I will no longer have to work to pay back me 100k in debt due to this information. I can now get unbanned from Rijin Soluables and finally hake verse Hake.
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