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rijin for tf2 | first thoughts

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best tf2 cheat right now

aimbot: works perfect, not much to say it just works, doesn't miss at all.
projectile aimbot: works perfect for sniper (bow) and soldier, wasnt good with demo
crithack: 10/10, indicator helps a lot
hvh: never had a down moment, resolver is very good most accurate one i've used tbh. a-a is good enough, it just works.
visuals: i love how smooth and minimalistic they are, absolutely enough.
optimization: lol, its not ***. it exists. fps is always good, sometimes it just lags because of aimbot but rarely happens.
misc: everything u could ask for, dt works perfectly, didn't test fastq yet tho
config system: annoys me as shit but there is recode coming, staff said there will be a cloud config system so it doesnt really matter.

overall: 8,5/10

you can't find better tf2 cheat with that good price-quality ratio
Demo Man (Black Character) AimBot is Not Finished Yet,, Will Be Better In Future !

Thanks for the review, I have added 4 days to your subscription.
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