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RijiN for TF2 is worth it.


i've had some experiences with other cheats, but after only one month of using rijin, i can confidently say that this is the cheat you should buy, period.

menu is really easy to use and set up, and the injection is pretty fast. only con is that rijin can only be used on one computer at a time without a hardware reset, although this is a niche issue that probably won't affect you.
if you ever need a hardware reset, support is really helpful, and you can easily get one in around 24 hours.
(i learned this the hard way)

Aimbot - 10/10
  • hitscan and projectile both work extremely well, plus an additional auto sticky release which makes playing demo really easy.
  • extremely customizable too, with hitboxes, targets, projectile hitchance, etc.
  • you get the idea, it's the best you can possibly get with an aimbot, it just takes some trial and error
Visuals - 9.5/10
  • visuals are really customizable, although some things like chams can be a bit confusing for newcomers.
  • the ragdoll effects and bullet tracers are also a nice little addition that can help your gameplay look better
  • i personally also use impact camera and projectile visualizer sometimes, and those are really accurate.
  • the only cons i really have are already suggested features, like an ammo/medkit respawn timer, but those are just minor nitpicks.
HvH - 9.5/10
  • anti-aim can be a bit tough to understand, but it works really well once you're able to set it up
  • resolver also works nicely against other people using anti-aim
  • i've also noticed myself doing a lot better against other cheaters in casual when i started using rijin
Automations - 9/10
  • has loads of automations, even a separate section for each medigun (i'm a huge fan of the auto vaccinator)
  • auto detonate works amazingly, sometimes doesn't damage with sticky detonations but it's not really too much of an issue
  • only flaw is that there is no auto release for huntsman arrows
Misc - 9.5/10
  • dt is really good, works like a charm
  • crit indicator is really simple, plus the crits themselves also work well
  • chat tags are a nice and convenient addition
  • you can also customize what rijin can display in chat, like cheater detection and vote kick logs.
  • way better anti-autobalance from my experience
  • playerlist is also really easy to navigate, ignoring your aimbot on friendlies is a breeze, and marking people is really convenient too.
  • auto-vote is a surprisingly customizable feature, allowing you to automatically call votes on cheaters and/or bots. although, a setting to only f2 on friends would be nice
so, should you get rijin?
without a doubt, you absolutely should. this is by far the best cheat i have used, once you know how to config it properly. i'm planning on renewing my sub as soon as i can, even though i have only used it for a month.
the price can be a bit steep for some, but it is absolutely worth the money if you have some lying around.
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