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Rijin HvH clips + Review

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I've used rijin for around 3-4 months and i used to use ******** but ever since i used rijin once i couldn't stop using it
But rijin has it's bugs here and there but i still use it everytime i play tf2

Aimbot- It's great for every class but Ambassador spy and sniper that could use some work, it has the best fake lag and speedhack fix.

Visuals- The visuals are just amazing, the esp is nice and simple and so are the chams.

HvH- It can't double tap with crits but i hope its fixed in the recode, the Anti Aim's are simple but could use some more options.

Misc- Everything in the misc tab is perfect.

I can't wait for the recode.
Yes i know i suck at editing.

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yeah, i heard stockholm syndrome is nice this time of year.
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