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RijiN is Amazing! ( Month Review! )

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I find RijiN a fabulous cheat. It allows players to get a better advantage over the gameplay. It has many cool features such as DoubleTap and FastQ.
I would give this cheat a 4/5 until the recode has been released.

I would like to say the developer of this cheat is trying hard to keep it ontop of the game. It's better than all its other competitors atm.

Looking foward to purchasing this again once the recode is out.

My recommendation is to play as heavy or scout as the doubletap makes you teleport as scout and you insta kill people with heavy.

Anyways this is a short review that i typed up quick. GET GOOD GET RIJIN
Thank's for the review, I've added 4 days to your subscription.
Information on the Recode coming very soon.
Not open for further replies.
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