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Rijin is definitly one hell of an experience


after watching countless and countless times people using rijin, i decided to buy myself a subscription to it, and oh boy, i was not ready for it

Rijin is not only easy to configure and use, but also offers alot of options to range and choose from (such as Thirdperson wich i find fun to use, or even aimbot when attack is used), it also makes it easier to understand what you are doing with said options.

i was also not aware that it wasnt going to be some simple cheats with like 8 options, no not at all, every rijin clients is personalized, filled with options to the brim that will make the gameplay enhanced, cosmetic wise or gameplay wise (ranging from simple weapon recoloration to double tap and bhop)

the gameplay also offers a good way to counter cheaters, and rename known bots to "bot" wich makes them easier to kick

the friendly part helps alot, i also never lose my friends out of my sight when they are colored green behind walls, so if i need to jump to them, i dont have to worry about location.

my favorite options are for sure bhop, force crits, and thirdperson, i have always used them nonstop since i bought a subscription

if i had to tell you if you should choose rijin? you should. it doesnt stop at aimbot exploits, it stops at the border of your imagination, and by far, it is very performing, maybe even the most performing client i ever used.
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