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RijiN Late Review

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Anatrax's Final RijiN Review ( Version 2* )

Aimbot 4/5:

Compared to most Cheats on the Market, The aimbot is smart and will shred enemies fast with very accurate Prediction you will be always 1 step ahead of the game and other cheaters. It does have it's down's but when V3 Comes out I am sure it would be even better! I Notice with the cheat it knows when to start and stop shooting without a delay. Great for Heavy, Scout and Soldier, Bad for Sniper but can be improved.

It has 2 Modes:
  • Precise - Works best with Doubletap
  • Dynamic - Works best on bad ping servers.


Currently this Cheat lacks features for visuals, It only has 1 type of visuals that sometimes goes black overtime, then fixes itself. Usually I found it goes black if you use Doubletap, I hope you guy's fix this and allow more customization for visuals, like Glow Outline a bit like Phage's Cheat "Onetap" I think focusing on the look will have a better outcome in sales and stuff as a whole other then Exploits and Aimbot functions. I know alot of people who seem to care about their visuals more then the cheat itself.

Exploits 5/5:

Senator knows a thing or two about exploits, the fact he made a proper doubletap compared to other cheats is baffling. Litterally the only thing that brought me to the cheat and ban evade was the Exploits. Tom doesn't seem to want to add doubletap to his product so this was my main lookout for a product that had doubletap.

Anyways, Im going to end my review there it's 8:45pm at the time of writing this and I get up early and sleep early. I Do Recommend you buy this cheat. It is not expensive and Well worth you're money. PLUS: The developer is more active then the other exit scammers. So Buy now :)

For me this is version 2, version 1 had a smaller menu and lacked features.
Not open for further replies.
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