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RijiN Review for TF2

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I've bought RijiN a few days ago, and here's my experience so far.


It's simple, you open the loader, find your game and click it. Done. You might need to disable AV on your cheat folder or executable and the temp folder.
The time it takes to open the cheat is about ~10-15 seconds.


The menu is somewhat cluttered in my opinion and takes some time to get used to it.
However, the time to get used to the menu is not a lot.


The aimbot is absolute top considering the price you're buying the cheat for. I didn't really try the projectile aim, so I won't review it.
It doesn't miss on targets with any AA, it just works.


The DT really explains itself. With the Force-A-Nature or the Soda Popper, it's nothing but perfect.
With the Minigun, it is really good considering the amount of damage you're already dealing.
The DT sometimes becomes impossible when shooting, other than that the DT has no flaws.
Force crits work like a charm. For both types of weapons, it functions as you expect it to. I don't need to say a lot of things about it.
The server lagger is great, I've used it to make whole servers leave. Again, not a lot of things to say about it.



I have no problems with the box ESP or with any visuals on the ESP/Main category, it's just OK.
The chams are not really for me. I never really used chams on other cheats before.
The glow is just good. I only use it for outlines and when the aimbot has spotted an enemy or when you attack one.
The visuals are extremely customizable.


The anti-aim is over the top. Extremely customizable and works great.
The resolver is a huge upgrade from other resolvers. It's simple to use and configure. In general, it works.
Fakelag is a big advantage combined with AA. People miss a lot when active. I don't have to explain it entirely.

Config saving

Three words: Easy and quick.

Use aimbot on players marked as a cheater.

In conclusion, this cheat is a 9.7 from my perspective.
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