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Rijin Review (had a sub a while ago and forgot to do a review)

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Was using ******** before I tried a month of rijin. was blown away by da performance of it! (thanks to my h0m1e stavcentral :)))))) )

Aimbot: I have absolutely no complaints, I was ripping skin with heavy and I was ripping heads with sniper even WITH the stock config (had to add a wee bit of AA of course but its very easy to config)

da Proj aim: very very P, not even in the same dimension as lmaopaste's projectile "prediction". was hitting shots I didn't think were possible simply because of how well coded the proj aim was. made me very happy

Doubletap skinrips everyone, millions times better than the overhyped (removed) paste called NNitro. Another plus is that Rijin is that there is no TDiff.

Very small complaints about visuals but these will undoubtedly be fixed in the recode

don't care about the lack of legit features. the state of vac means that you don't need to play legit. just scream and call someone a bot and they'll get kicked.

when i get more spare $$$ I'll definitely be buying as many months as i can!
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