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RijiN review (TF2)


  • Hitscan: multipoints are good, everything performs well, sometimes accurate unlag tweaks on higher ping. Besides that, everything is GOOD.
  • Projectile: not much to say because i play on a fucking toaster, but when my pc isn't BUGGING everything works just fine and smooth. I don't use auto sticky release always but it's cool as fuck.
OVERALL: 9.7/10

  • ESP: it's simple and cool, can't really go wrong with it. Impact camera is accurate, i like using it to be honest. Ragdoll effects and bullet tracers look good.
  • Chams and Glow: chams are clean. They are customizable as fuck, I can make them however i like. Glow is simple and it looks good.
  • Other: viewmodel chams are clean too. offsets and all that other stuff works well as expected.
OVERALL: 10/10
  • Main Anti-Aim: nothing much to say. It works well.
  • Pitch Anti-Aim: works good as fuck. I mess hard with the automatic pitch feature.
  • Yaw Anti-Aim: works fine, could've been more customizable though, still good.
  • Fakelag: RijiN's fakelag is the best out there, from my experience with tf2 cheats, I don't use peek fakelag or anti-backtrack because i don't really know how but that's still cool.
  • Animations: broke animations are cool as fuck
  • Misc Anti-Aim: fast stop is perfect, never really used peek assist, and the resolver is the best I've ever used.
OVERALL: 9.8/10
  • It has many features, a ping reducer would make the shit better not gonna lie.
OVERALL: 9.9/10 [no ping reducer:mad: ]
  • Auto Vacc: best auto vacc i've used so far
  • Auto Uber: can't mess this shit up, it's simple and it works well
  • Auto Kritz: ^
  • Helpers: uber on "activate charge" performs good, as it should, never tested MvM auto-shield.
  • Auto Reflect: it's the BEST.
  • Others: works good as fuck, the only problem is that cheaters can bait stickies sometimes on 100% blast radius size
OVERALL: 9.9/10
  • It's a playerlist, can't be bad, a nice thing to add would be custom tags
OVERALL: 10/10
  • I think it works just fine. No reason for it to not work, never used it though
OVERALL: 10/10

In conclusion, this is the best cheat I've used for this game (TF2), it's totally worth buying it. There's no competition so far, hope it stays this way. I recommend this cheat to new potential users (if someone will actually read this shit), even though shit can be a little bit tricky to config at first, once you get used to it, everything will get automatically better. I love this cheat and I will definitely buy a lifetime sub once i get a better pc.
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