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Rijin review

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Hello guys, so since i've heard rijin was a good cheat I bought a sub and see how it works. I'll be splitting the categories to aimbot/rage, projectile, misc , hvh, and visuals

Aimbot/Rage: The cheat is very good imo and the double-tap works fine. but there are some bugs that when you use closest to crosshair and I'm aiming the guy in front of me it shoots someone else. But that might be fixed in the re-code. The backtrack is also pretty good Everything else is fine

Projectile Aimbot: Since it's a diff category cuz of how good it is. I actually miss sometimes but it hits head a lot of times. and that's very good. On soldier it is't bad but I miss legs more. But I can still kill everyone :p

Misc: there isn't a lot yet. but the strafe is pretty decent and the fast rq is the best feature imo.

HvH: well since it's not that good for hvh the best thing about this cheat is that it has lagg fix. The resolver is meh, not good and so is the anti-aim but the re-code will fix it all

Visuals: I like the font letter a lot but it sometimes glitches when someone is using a weird name. And I can recognize if there is a bot by the little dot in the end. But I wish I could change the color for the chams and if there will be some more cham visuals!

So currently it has some bugs but it's still playable with it and I had a lot of fun hitting heads with the huntsman.

End score: 8.5/10 because it's the best cheat right now and I know it will stay like that when the re-code comes :D buying a new sub def!
Not open for further replies.
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