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RijiN Review

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Hello, I've been using RijiN for just over 6 months maybe a bit longer not sure how to check I currently own the L4D2 cheat, the TF2 cheat, and the GMOD cheat, and I'll be reviewing all 3 cheats before I review the cheats I'd like to say that any issues I bring up will probably be fixed in recode.

Team Fortress 2

Aimbot: Astonishingly good I don't think I've ever had any issues with it and it's decently customizable I don't think I've ever lost a heavy hvh before and the multipoint allows you to just baim any sniper in hvh.
9/10 Needs a few more options but will probably be expanded on in recode

Doubletap: Few bugs but very reliable and the teleport allows for some very good strategies, works on most weapons very well, and by far the best doubletap I've seen.
10/10 No other cheat currently has a better doubletap

Crithack: Extremely overpowered, to say the least, when using this it feels like your critting constantly much better than other providers and I've never had any issues with it.
10/10 Best crithack on the market

Backtrack: Very good and works as intended maybe some accuracy issues but other cheats have that also.
7/10 Standard backtrack

Antiaim: Quite limited but very good on heavy extremely hard to hit and does its job extremely well.
8/10 Just due to how limited it is

Visuals: Standard visual options quite optimized and looks very good, Has the cleanest looking box esp I've ever seen.
9/10 Good esp needs a few more options

Config: N/A

Overall: 9/10 Lacking in features but the features it does have are very good!

Left 4 Dead 2

Aimbot: Extremely limited would like to see more options such as closest to crosshair and show fov etc.
6/10 It works

Visuals: Standard RijiN visuals very good and optimized needs a few more options.

Exploits: Very good and is the only public Left 4 Dead 2 cheat with a working server crasher also has other exploits such as speedhack, charger view unlock and lag exploit.
10/10 Unique features

Config: No config system currently.

Overall: 6/10 very limited

Garry's Mod

Aimbot: Limited options but works very well.

Visuals: Compared to other GMOD cheats nicest looking visuals and extremely optimized, I was very surprised when I injected and was running 250 frames plus.
10/10 Very optimized

Misc: Kind of limited but has the features you need, debug camera is a nice addition along with bhop and autostrafer.
8/10 Has the features you need couldn't hurt to add more though

Overall: Lacking in some features but makes up for it with its price tag very good compared to other providers.
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