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Rijin review

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I used many cheats before. but Rijin made me touch because most features are better than all free cheats and ****

MENU:Its simple to look. but i cant make custom value well because every value is bar. I cant control it well

AIMBOT:Really good. sometimes hitscan weapons are miss but I dont care. Im using well.

CRIT HACK:melee is working well. but other weapons dont work well. so many fake crit and crit ban(need a 2000+ damage to unban)

PROJECTILE AIMBOT:Its a best projectile aimbot ever. its better than 2017 ***. but sometimes projectile is crash to wall. and when aimbot shoot the buildings(dispenser, sentry gun, teleporter) ignore my fov value. and projectile aimbot is drop my fps

ESP:It look simple. chams is clean. please keep this. i like it.

VIEW FOV:I like this feature. when i use it. i feel good

RADAR:Its not bad but i want to move radar. only can control size.and radar is only enable when the enemy is detected location. i think it is good idea

BACKTRACK:Cool. because we can select backtrack work.(when melee or when other weapons) and can hit well.

PARTY NETWORKING:??? I dont know what is it. it is just do spam in party chat.
(cant rate this)

AUTO BHOP AND STRAFE:Good. bhop is working well and strafe is smooth. it is helpful when we do rocket jump.

DOUBLE TAP:Its just perfect. can charge fast and working very well. :)

Thank you.
Not open for further replies.
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