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rijin.solutions for TF2


AIMBOT: The aimbot is really good, but I wouldn't say it's the best for "closeting" since it becomes turbo obvious even with a small FOV setting. However, it works as intended, earning a solid 9/10 rating.

TRIGGERBOT: The triggerbot is just too good, receiving a perfect score of 10/10.

PROJ. AIMBOT: After trying every cheat available for TF2, I firmly believe that Rijin has the best projectile aimbot on the market. It's unmatched in its performance.

MISCELLANEOUS: Everything is perfect except for one issue I encountered. The auto rocket jumper stopped working while the weapon was reloading, for example, with the rocket launcher having 2-3 rockets left. Nonetheless, it's still really good, earning an 8/10 rating.

AUTOMATIONS: I must say, auto VAC is the best feature I've ever used on this cheat, and the auto reflect is simply amazing. Both receive a perfect score of 10/10.

VISUALS: The visuals are highly configurable and nicely designed, making it a great feature that works effortlessly. A perfect 10/10 rating.

ISSUES: It would be nice to have the ability to see the FOV cycle, which is currently missing.

Yeah i used chat gpt to improve the writing since im not from engladistan. thaksns.
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