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rijin.solutions Garry's Mod review by backupauthfix (?)

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Rage, Aimbot:
Aim Mode:
Works well, has enough options to provide comfortable usage of aimbot to every user.
Search Mode: Has FOV and distance options. Most of the time these are enough but more options like "lowest health" would be useful.
Max FOV: Needs more options like distance-based fov and fov-circle but does the job.
Flags: I don't have anything to say about those, they work as intended.
Player ESP: Looks good, preset values are eyecandy, doesn't really have any cons other than not having specific ESPs for popular gamemodes. (TTT, Murder etc.)
Render: The only feature this tab has is "view fov", which is basically a plus. Could use more features but aren't needed exactly.
Spectators list is the only addon available at the moment. Spectators list is pretty useful avoiding admins but doesn't work with popular gamemode's specific spectating system.
Movement: Easy to use separated options and works good but auto-strafe option slows down movement by a ton when swimming.
Free Camera: Small feature, only useful in specific scenarios but still, a plus.
Other than that, UI is pretty, simple, unique and practical but the lack of good prediction and savable config impairs the quality of experience a lot and they are a must.
Not open for further replies.
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