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Rijin.Solutions | Review

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i decided to make a review about the rijin v2.

Price & Stability
Rijin.Solutions has a great price in cheats, and a very good cheat for everyone
Very stable as a software and it doesnt make your fps too low while using it



Aimbot | A advanced aimbot for each classes while you are playing it and it can sometimes miss but its good [9.5/10]

Projectile aimbot | Rijin's projectile aimbot is good but sometimes it can get out of hand sometimes and can miss so [7/10]

Chams / Visuals | Rijin has lots of visual options too chose its too much as someone who uses another cheat than rijin i found it more better than that cheat [10/10]


Hacker VS Hacker | Rijin has pretty good at hvh, The Resolver is fucking P + Same for the fakelag [10/10]

Misc | Rijin has lots of features for misc [10/10]

Doubletap | Doubletap is G O D L Y at rijin its the best


Fast Casual Server Search | Faster searching time for casual servers

Auto Strafe | Auto Strafe is a pretty good strafe its good

Server Lagger | Now you can lag the servers in the community servers

Party Networking | This feature makes you have more better experiences with your friends or other rijin users while using it

Crithack | Rijin has a very good crithack sometimes it cant work from what i heard from people But for me it worked fine and its pretty OP

Trigger bot
Rijin has a good trigger bot its pretty much usefull for legit and for playing demoman and etc..


At end of this review i give rijin a 9.5/10 honestly

I believe that the rijin developement team will make rijin more better...

Suggestion : Backtrack , Skin Changer , Universal aimbot so we dont need to change classes and select the aimbot all the time

Get good today from on...

Thanks for the review, I've added some time to your subscription.

It does have backtrack btw it's just called "History" in the aimbot options.
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