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Rijin TF2 (my first impression)

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So, this is my first month using rijin.solutions (TF2) and I decided to write down my first impression after a couple of days of intensive use.
Here we go:

Aimbot :
Hitscan works really well even if your frames drop down to 30 which is a good thing.
Sometimes bAim when the target is in air fails to hit the body but hits the head instead (not sure why, probably happens only for me).
Overall, hitscan aimbot will always hit the target. With high framerate it works flawlessly.
Projectile aimbot is also really well done, you'll have a lot of fun using The Direct Hit.
However, precise variant eats your frames a lot if there are many targets and it's precision depends on your framerate. So, if you have < 50FPS with precise projectile aimbot, use simple variant instead. Sure, it will be a bit less accurate, but it will fire more often and hit more often when you are having low frames.
Crithack works flawlessly, nothing to add.

Visuals :
ESP looks light and clean, I have nothing else to say.
Except that the cheat lacks skeleton ESP. If anybody reads this, please add this feature, some people would appreciate that.
Chams look good. I personally never use chams outside of HvH so I can't tell how good they are outside of tr_walkway_rc2.

HvH :
I don't play HvH very often but I've met some cheaters with fakelag and rijin almost always destroys them.
Resolver is... meh. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Again, maybe it's just me that lucky.

Misc :
Backtracking works perfectly, don't have anything special to add.
I don't use party networking and navbot, so can't really say anything.
Movement works without any problems except that if you are bhopping as a scout, sometimes it will make you jump sideways because of autostrafe.
Auto Melee does not work really good for me, I have to get really close to an enemy for it to hit even if I use a longsword. Also, you have to aim at his chest or below for it to hit. In other words, works but needs minor improvements.
FastQ is one of the coolest features I've ever seen, works perfectly, reduces queue waiting time by half.
Doubletap works but in rare cases misses the second shot.
Auto Airblast works on rockets but not on stickies for some reason, maybe that is how it is intended to work, not sure.

(end of the feature review)

Overall, rijin is worth it's price. It is still in a WIP state and I miss some classic features like triggerbot and skeleton ESP but it is a good cheat and has it's own style.
Thank you for reading this review and thank those who develop this cheat! Hope it helps in some way..
Forgot to mention, what I said about Auto Melee does not apply to spy autobackstab. It backstabs without any problems.
Also, those features that I didn't mention I either do not use or did not play enough with.
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