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RijiN TF2 Review (My first month.)

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Loader/Injection Process

The injection process is pretty simple. You download the loader from the dashboard, you run it and the cheat will load after a short amount of time. Although i ran onto some issues (cheat not loading because of errors, but this can be fixed by redownloading the loader/re-injecting) and the loader design is pretty good and very appealing to the user.

Loader/Injection Process score: 9/10


The menu is very simple and explanatory, it has everything you need and everything is customizable. Although there was a bug when you alt-tabbed the menu elements (spectators, dt indicators etc) would reset and go in the top left of the screen. (I don't know if this issue is fixed, if it is lmk)

Menu score: 8/10


RijiN's aimbot is on point. I've rarely missed a shot even with 150+ ping on NA servers. Same with projectile aimbot, i always hit enemies on air with direct hit soldier or with demoman's grenade launcher.

Aimbot score: 9.5/10


The visuals on RijiN are very good, you can customize pretty much everything and you can make them suit to your own preferences. Although i can say the visuals may be difficult for a complete beginner at cheating to setup them.

Visuals/ESP score: 9.5/10

Hack VS Hack

The HvH (Hack VS Hack) features RijiN offers are everything you need to stomp cheaters/bots. There are rare occasions that enemies resolve my AA but that may be because of my shit settings.

Hack VS Hack score: 10/10

DoubleTap & Other Exploits

RijiN's exploits are it's main selling point i can say. Scout 1v1s are a point-and-click adventure game at this point because of how easy it is because of the DT and the Dash is literally a mini Speedhack with spy.

DoubleTap & Other Exploits score: 10/10


RijiN is a very good cheat for it's price, if you are HvHing in TF2 i can recommend the cheat 100%. Even for just pub-stomping in casual i can say that the RijiN won't dissapoint you.

Overall Score: 9.33 / 10

(( i apologize for my bad english/grammar ))
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