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Rijin TF2 Review (V1)

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To start things off this is my second review and the reason I decided to do another one is after using rijin again I have a little more experience with the hack so i thought i would just do a review on what i think of the hacks current state.
Aimbot : 9/10 the aimbot is very good almost no problems with it I do miss occasionally but not to the point where I just can't hit legit's.

Projectile Aimbot: 10/10 Best on the market right now, I have used other providers and this comes out up top. For a projectile aimbot that was made without having the games source at the time impresses me on how good it is. Only complaint is when people have a parachute it seems to never hit them because it's trying to predict them like they don't have one. (Note that with demoman it's not so great as I don't think it was worked on to much)

Crithack : 10/10 One of the best cirthacks, I like how it tells you how much damage you need to do to be able to crit unlike other providers. It does sometimes fake crit but it's so rare that I often don't get bothered by it. Some things I would like to see in the future would be DT + Crit without having to crit first then charge up DT, how much crit damage I'm able to do before I will be banned again and finally Crithack to work with no spread.

Target : 8/10 does it's job just wish there were more options.

Spread manipulation : 9/10 does it's job can't really say much only complaint I have is when turning on debug you crash. Something i might want to see is maybe Spread manipulation on certain guns just to make it a bit more customizable.

Hack v Hack : 8/10 The aa is good not that customizable but it does it's job. Fake lag is really good other providers usually have a hard time hitting me. Some issues with it is when you have fake lag and talk on the mic you sound laggy and also that fake lag + soldier does not go well as when you shoot the actual rocket takes time to come out. Resolver does it's job I can't say much on the resolver as most cheaters I go against don't spin but from the time that they did it worked well.
Player esp : 9/10 I like almost everything about it, the chams are clean and does not make me drop much fps. Something i would like to see is more customization but from what I heard the recode will be doing that so I can't wait.

Object esp: 9/10 same thing as player esp, it's nice and clean just maybe a bit more customization.

Rendering : N/A I don't really use this at all so I won't say anything on it tho I do like the circle radar, it's unique.

Backtracking : 9/10 Works really well especially with a mele, the backtrack chams are also nice but just wish there was a bit more customization towards it. Fake latency works super well it does cause some weapons to have some accuracy issues when it comes to it but it does not miss to the point where I just can't hit anyone. I do also like that we have options for the fake latency and that we can choose if we want fake latency on either primary and secondary weapons or mele that I actually like a lot.

Party networking : N/A can't say much I think it works? but I am not sure sorry.

Nav Bot : 8/10 It work's well but when I first got rijin I was confused why the nav bot was not working as I would see the bot's brain at the top left but it never did anything but after asking a few people I have realized that you need a friend to be in game + you need the nav files. Something I want to see is maybe the nav bot working for anyone and not just friends.

Main : 10/10 honestly no complaints everything there works as intended and works well, i have no complaints about it, especially when it comes to fastQ super nice.

Double Tap: 10/10 I have to put this as a 10 because obviously double tap is just overpowered, being able to shoot 4 bullets instantly is just so powerful. I can't really say much other then it's so fucking good.
Config System

6/10 it's sort of annoying having to type out rijin_save or rijin_load in console but after a bit you just get used to it.
Skin Changer
0/10 does not work at all so ye.

Overall I would give it a 9/10 it's the best cheat on the market right now and for price i think it's worth it, it is missing some things but once the recode comes out I'm sure that everything that was missing won't be anymore.

And that is my review sorry it was sort of lengthy but i felt it was necessary.
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Thanks for the review, added a week to your subscription. Appreciate the effort
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