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RijiN TF2 Review

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This cheat is solid, I have very few complaints for it as it doesn't have many flaws compared to other cheats in TF2.

It lacks on features for certain playstyles but it's not much of an issue, The Aimbot is very good, missing with a hitscan weapon is practically impossible/very uncommon(unless they're using Anti-Aim), The Aimbot with projectiles is also very good, It has it's occasional misses(of course) especially with Demo(which I believe is being worked on) but it hits a lot more consistently than other cheats that I've used.

The DT is flawless, it works great, not much else to say about the DT.

The Crit Hack is also flawless, It actually works properly with streaming weapons(Unlike a certain other cheat) and I have yet to see any issues with the Crit Hack.

Spy with this cheat is not my thing, The Auto-Backstab is good but lacking Fake Latency and Backtrack chams, if you've played a lot of Spy with other cheats and abuse Extended Backtracking/Fake Latency, it's probably not the best cheat to do so with, unless you want to play more "legit" If/When Fake Latency gets added to this cheat, I'm sure it'll be overpowered and more enjoyable to use with Spy.

The visuals are also simple and look nice, not many complaints there besides a bug that causes the visuals go to completely black making it difficult to tell who is a friendly and who is an enemy and also no backtrack chams.

RijiN has all the HvH features you'd need, Fakelag, Good Anti-Aim, Good Resolver, Quick Peek-Assist + whatever else you would need to win an HvH.

Overall it's a very good cheat that just needs some fine tuning + a couple features.
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