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rijin tf2


i mean its alright,
good for hvh, casual and closet (i dont closet because i have dignity)
other than fps drops on payload i dont have other problems with rijin

in my honest opinion:

Hitscan Aimbot: 10/10
is there anything to even be said here? its peak dude. works with no flaws in it and in hvh you dont miss with this (unless low days uptime seed prediction then you might miss)

Projectile Aimbot 10/10
31% hitchance for demoman
25% for soldier
best i have ever used, only problem that i always ignore is an 27 fps drop with splash bot (you dont really notice 208 fps dropping to 181 fps because both are smooth)
now huntsman aimbot.. best. have you ever missed a single arrow? rijin doesnt have competence in huntsman proj aim because of its advanced ai simulation.
recommend using like 37% hitchance, lower or higher will ruin the proj aim.


ESP/Main: 9/10
its great but i dont like the boxes/hp bar. it reminds me of free cheats, i think this may be the only cheat to have flawless sticky/projectile esp which is saucesome for gamesense and hvh (so you can see crit stickys, etc)

Glow/Chams: 10/10
fresnel main material flat overlay make for the best visuals. rijin is on a whole nother level with its chams. the glow looks beautiful with my preferred bloom settings which are 3.3. pretty easy to cfg as well so you can always have fun configging chams/glow

Other: 7/10
its fine, not the best when you apply fresnel twice in your viewmodel chams (it looks ugly) bloom is my favourite thing in here along with weapon vm chams because there is SO MUCH CUSTOMABILITY!

Hack vs Hack: 10/10
rIjin resolver is crazy, 2 shots to find any aa without interfering manually. anti aim is the most complex in the cheat market with a lot of different combinations to make enemies miss.
first cheat to choke 22 lag ticks with fake lag and not miss because of how extreme it is. peek fake lag is okay, its just very situational and doesnt help in a lot of situations.

Automations: 10/10
rijin is the first software to use vischecks on cheaters and pop vacc whenever an double-tap capable class is near. never fails.
auto reflect is too good, not having to aim reflected projectiles is awesome.

Player List: 8/10
its pretty messy but you get used to it. never knew why to put a custom esp colour or how rijins priority system works. atleast it works and informs you of enemy cheaters with a red/yellow flag or star just in case you see a youtuber in your game.

Lobby List: 9/10
ever felt bored of playing solo? do you have no cheating friends? i have just what you need! rijin user networking is flawless and is way better than other lobby networks.

well, thats my review. pretty lazy ngl but its my experience with the rijin tf2 software.
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