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RijiN: The Cheat That Makes You Cheat Like a Pro! (My TF2 Testimonial)


Preamble :
Before starting, I want to preface this review with a little information about myself. I've been cheating in games for 4+ years. I've used a range of cheats, some good, some bad. I've been using RijiN since its public debut, and since seeing the early leaked images of the menu, I knew it was a cut above the rest. This review will have information ranging from my first use - to this day

Aimbot :
When I first used RijiN seeing you can customize the settings for each individual class and most weapons was completely unexpected and very helpful. At first, I thought a global aimbot setting would be enough, however after playing for some time I realized how important it is to be able to tailor the settings according to your needs. It allows your gameplay to be very dynamic and leaves you prepared for almost any encounter regardless of your playstyle/class.

I was very impressed with the amount of detail that RijiN puts into its hack. It has very intuitive features and was the first TF2 cheat I used with aimbot that actually felt like it was built with the idea of double tapping in mind. The doubletap is very accurate and consistent, something that was severely lacking in other cheats I used before. And, of course, being able to customize the aimbot settings for each class and weapon gave me a huge advantage, whether it was against scummy legit players, closets, or full-on rage cheaters.

Another huge plus with RijiN is its projectile arc prediction. It was an absolute godsend in some of the longer-range engagements or when a sniper or scout was hiding behind cover. It was very accurate and allowed me to hit shots consistently without having to compensate for anything, and there was no need to even manually aim my stick launcher. I find it very useful in some intense games, as I can easily hold down the aimbot key and have it automatically charge my sticky gun while shooting crit stickers wherever I am aiming, regardless of the circumstance.

The melee aimbot is also incredibly reliable, working hand-in-hand with the crit hack to automatically crit and literally destroy anyone that gets into your vicinity. I've found the doubletap is great for melee aimbot, especially on Demo-Knight, enabling you to take out opponents a split second faster than legit players.

In addition, the aimbot is intelligent enough to recognize when you are aiming at a sentry and will not activate the crit hack, which is just one of those features that makes life easier for you and it's pretty awesome.

The aimbot, though generally reliable, isn't perfect. It can sometimes miscalculate and cause the projectile to shoot too close to the wall or miss easy shots with projectile weapons, like the huntsman. It's not as infallible as some of the YouTube highlights make it seem. However, overall, it's still very accurate and intelligent in its approach.

Visuals :
The visuals in RijiN are incredibly impressive. You can customize your ESP to only show certain entities, such as enemy players, friends, items, and buildings, allowing you to keep track of health packs and ammo for an advantage in cluttered maps. You can also set a custom color scheme to easily identify yourself and your teammates in a fight, which is especially helpful during intense firefights. Additionally, there is a marker over each detected cheater's head that is displayed in all red, making it easy to quickly recognize threats and dominate in HvH.

Something else worth noting are the indicators for doubletap and your crithack. Both of these features have their seperate indicators and are incredibly accurate and important for fast-paced games. You can also customize the color of these indicators, allowing you to differentiate them from other visuals.

And of course there's the visual removals, like sniper scope, zoom, recoil, etc. There's a ton of other visual features that come with RijiN and they all work great.

I've experienced very few bugs with the ESP, the few of which were very trivial, and overall, the visuals in RijiN are top-notch and provide a significant advantage in most situations. Once again, the customizability of this cheat is what takes the cake.

Hack vs Hack / Anti-aim :
RijiN's anti-aim is top notch, allowing you to stay unpredictable against other cheaters. It takes into account your current weapon, class, and situation and intelligently adjusts itself to give you the best chance of success.

The aimbot in terms of resolving enemy anti-aim is pretty solid. It can handle most basic anti-aims, like spinning and static anti-aim, but it still struggles with more advanced ones. That said, I still find myself able to consistently dominate in HvH games at a very high level, even if someone is using more advanced anti-aims.

It also has some nice features like fake-ducking, peek assist, and breaking jump animations to help you out.

Miscellaneous :
This is the bread and butter of RijiN and what makes it so special. It's so highly packed full of features that make the game smoother and easier to play, and even if you only use a few of them, they can add up to make a huge difference in your performance.

Automations :
Just like the misc section, has a ton of features that make playing the game easier, like Triggerbot, Autosapper, and Autodisguise. It also has some more advanced automations, like auto-reflect and auto-uber. The best part about these features is that they are all highly customizable, even down to the exact projectile you do or do not want to reflect.

Lobby Sharing :
Relatively new feature, not much to say here either that it would be nice if we could also invite other players to our lobby instead of only being able to join them.

What it lacks:
  • A playerlist, meaning that you can only have marked cheaters by the automatic system. Hard to HvH without one.
  • The ability to use your mouses's scroll wheel, causing you to manually scroll down with the click of your mouse.
  • Autoscope for the sniper, meaning you have to manually scope for each shot. You get used to it, but it's annoying.
  • And a few other things I can't think of to list right now.

Overall, RijiN is a great cheat and an absolute steal for the price. I will be sticking with it for the foreseeable future.
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