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Rijin v1 for TF2 Review

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Hello, I've used Rijin for around a month now daily, and I think it's time that I can make a proper review about my experience with rijin.
I'm not a big fan of HVH and have only played a few times; I've used Rijin V1's features mostly in Casual and Community servers, so, therefore, I can't get to every single feature, as so, I won't be talking about the HVH cheats as I'm not knowledgeable and would hate to give a reader the wrong idea about an otherwise functional cheat.
Cheats I own Include **** and ***. I've also used NaCL and (removed) in the past.
Installation and First Look
Although I've had some problems with the website mistakenly recognizing me as a malicious actor, the staff were very professional and quickly sorted it out.
The Installation Process is Straightforward, And the Payment system was very efficient and had no issue, enough said. Note that I've paid with Credit/Debit, however.
Once the whitelisting process was complete, I was able to quickly able to download the cheat.
The loader was very easy to download and use, I encountered minimal confusion. Not much more to be said.

The User interface is probably one of the best ones I've seen, it looks clean, easy to navigate, and works well, Here's an image I've seen on another reviewer's review for reference.


Rijin TF2 Aimbot

Aimbot/Projectile Aimbot
Rijin's Aimbot for Tf2 is very good and serves its purpose. The projectile aimbot is configurable, compared to other cheats like ****, and is certainly much more advanced and a lot better at landing projectiles with a less linear movement type, such as Flare Guns rounds and Demoman's Grenades which bounce around and are a lot more unpredictable compared to soldier's rockets which move straight, so it's a need for people who enjoy playing projectile classes and whatnot.
However, there are a few cons.
-Aiming at an airborne target
Don't get me wrong, it works most times but it has a bit harder time calculating where the player will fall/fly towards compared to a player strafing on land; Rijin handles them very efficiently.
-Aiming with Sniper
The aimbot requires a bit of configuration and setting changes to be used effectively with the sniper's rifles.
I've read this on another user's review, and I found it to be true. Using the advanced aimbot will sometimes cause your PC lag for the duration of the aimbot working, however, it usually fixes itself.



Rijin is a little bit lackluster compared to other cheats such as *** in terms of visuals, but the typical visual options that are offered aren't bad at all. The ESP works, the box looks decently clean and the chams are pleasant to look at, but in the future and Rijin v2, I wish there would be a bit more Configuration options. There's also this bug that causes the highlighted targets within the ESP to randomly turn pure black, without the user touching anything.
Compared to **** though, it's a lot better and the function which allows you to see ammo boxes and medical boxes is really useful when you're in battle.
However, there are very cool features such as third-person view which you can play smoothly in, and cheat detection which marks cheaters decently accurately.

Miscellaneous Features
Rijin's backtracking works pretty fine for its purpose and is very fun to use with Spy, but it only functions with melee weapons, and occasionally it might have accuracy issues, like I said above, it serves its purpose pretty well but could use some fixes.

They weren't lying, Rijin's known for its amazing Doubletap. It works fantastically well and is superior to every other Doubletap on the TF2 Cheat market.
Although the accuracy might drop sometimes and the occasional lag that I've encountered, The devs knew what they were doing, this is probably Rijin's best feature in my opinion.

The Crithack has a very helpful feature that displays info about how much damage you need to do before critical hits get unbanned and how much crits are in your bucket and can be pretty useful, however, the Crithack sometimes tends to bug out for me, however, most of the time it works very well and I'm able to summon crits on-demand without major issue.

-Fake Latency
I don't have too much to say about Rijin's fake latency. It's pleasant to look at and serves its purpose pretty well and you can expect a similar fake latency quality to other cheats such as **** and ***.

Automation and other features
-Auto airblast
Rijin's auto-Airblast is pretty decent, and can easily deflect fast-moving projectiles and Demoman pills with little to no problem. My only issue is that sometimes the airblast fires early, resulting in a miss. Another thing is that I constantly see it attempting to deflect rockets that aren't flying towards me, however, it's certainly still very reliable and does what it does pretty well.

The Autostrafe and Bhop work very well and are very reliable with minimal bugs. Easily beats out other cheat's Autostrafe/ Bhop such as ****.
-Spy Autodisguise

No comment on this one, works perfectly fine and as expected.

-Auto Melee/Wrench
Again, I don't have too much to say. The auto-wrench works very well as engineer and makes it a lot easier than having to click as opposed to just looking at your building. The auto Melee Serves its purpose pretty well, but it sometimes breaks and fixes itself. Still a good feature, but could use improvement.
Auto Sticky Detonation
Pretty Fuckin good. The detonation works smoothly and the timing is really good, so you can consistently pull off that one scene in "Meet the Demoman" Without fail. I haven't encountered many bugs outside of the occasional early detonation with this feature.
-Skin Changer

Unfortunately, the skin-changer doesn't work. I'd love to see it in action, though so hopefully it's fixed in Rijin v2.

Well, that covers most of the feature's I've used in rijin; I'm still a relatively new user, However, for the period where I have used rijin, it's been probably the best cheat on TF2 I've used. Sure, the cheat ain't perfect. Some features are buggy, others straight up don't work at all at times. it can be frustrating to deal with these issues, but Rijin's quality on some other features totally makes up for these.
In the future, I hope for the cheat to be even further optimized, not saying that's it's not any good in its current state.

Rijin v1 For tf2 is probably the best Cost: Quality Ratio Tf2 cheat out there as of now, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a good tf2 cheat.

I'm excited for the recode, and if Rijin v2 ever becomes public, I will be a regular subscriber to the exploit, thank you for reading.
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