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Rijin V1 review by me

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Aimbot: 8.5/10 it works well with other classes but it is just trash on sniper hvh (probably my config issue)

Projectile aimbot: 9.0/10Works well with soldier but with demo it kinda works (probably my config issue²)

Crithack: 9.5/10 works well but when you use a mouse that has Mouse4 and etc,it is kinda glitchy

Esp: 10/10 good but it should have glow too

Radar: I dont use it soo i cant talk

View And Scope fov: same as radar

Back Track: 8.5/10 It works, sometimes misses with spy backstab in hard situations like trying to trickstab

Doubletap: 11/10 i dont even need to say how much this is good

Auto airblast: 7.0/10 It was aiming the rockets at the ground for some reason and sometimes it just dont reflect

Resolver and antiaim 6.0/10 sometimes the "hide head" tries to expose your head. for some reason and the resolver was shooting **** crack fake yaw

Menu: 10/10 Looks like a csgo cheat,ngl

Overall: 9.0/10 The cheat is good but not in sometimes like:Backtracking and the resolver/aa
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