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Rijin V1 Review!

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I'm not big into hvh but the only cheat I've used besides rijin is *******. Right away when it comes to cheating I can tell you rijin's doubletap, aimbot, projectile aimbot and rocket crits are all infinitely better, when I first used it I was pretty horrible but after taking advice from friends who had used it I figured out my issues and it was much better to use, the menus are easy to navigate once you get used to them or if you're just starting out with everything. I didnt have trouble setting up rijin itself when I had the proper dll's installed (I was missing one and it was easy to fix)

The config sharing system is easy to understand and the custom console command makes it easy to load other configs.

I've only had one crash with rijin so far and I've had no issues with frames or lag (besides the occasional rage ddos from a closet cheating idiot.)

All in all I think it's fun to use, obviously great for killing other hackers, especially as heavy which it excels at. I'm probably gonna resubscribe occasionally! it's fun!
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