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RiJiN v1 Review

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This is my review on rijin.solutions.

I've made some videos with this cheat in the past if you want to check them out.



Aimbot isn't really special in particular. Misses some shots on sniper here and there, but is overall pretty good.

Projectile Aimbot
This is something this cheat is spectacular at. Probably the best public cheat in terms of projectile aimbot. Hits almost every shot, and if it doesn't, it's most likely due to the player's movement being erratic.

Honestly, this is the best auto-backstab I've ever seen. It does not miss a single backstab no matter what. It's... perfect.

Pretty bad. Don't recommend using, even when the enemy has bad anti-aim, as it will most likely still miss.


The visuals in the cheat are pretty basic. I wouldn't call them amazing, but I also wouldn't call them bad. Customization is pretty low, the most you can change is colors of the chams and what esp features are enabled.

I haven't used the Far ESP myself, but if you turn it on and your in a party with friends, it'll spam party chat if your friends don't have RiJiN, so be careful on that part.


Doesn't have many options, but some cheats miss its anti-aim. Nothing special.

Crit Hack
This cheat's crit hack is honestly one of the better ones out there. If you want a crit, it'll give you one, and it doesn't fail to crit either, unlike *******. The one thing I don't like is that if you want to stream crits and doubletap at the same time, you need to crit first, then charge the doubletap. It won't work otherwise, and you'll just waste your crits. The indicators for the crithack are pretty clean, and the crit ban damage meter is very accurate.

RiJiN's doubletap is very good (it's also 24 tick I believe), and is on par with the other public cheats. It doesn't miss when doubletapping and is very consistent when using it. Only thing I would like in the cheat would be anti-warp, but I think you can make your own with basic TF2 configs.

This concludes my rijin.solutions review. If I missed any features it's most likely because I haven't used RiJiN in a while, although I'm definitely going to get it again and make some more content. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say this cheat is a 9.
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