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RijiN v2 for TF2 Review

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I made a YouTube video reviewing RijiN v2 for TF2, but my thoughts have changed. So I'm gonna do another review, but in the testimonial forums.

Menu: 8/10
It looks a little off in my opinion, but it's not a bad menu. Plus, it's pretty easy to look around for
certain features.

Hitscan Aimbot: 9/10
It works pretty good. The only flaw is that it can sometimes but not all the time
miss heads as Sniper. Other than that, it seems to work fine.

Projectile Aimbot: 7/10
I already know this aimbot is work-in-progress still, but it can have some flaws in it.
But it can be good at times. It certainly can be than ******* and ********.
Demoman can sometimes be pretty good, but because of the
current status of RijiN's pill prediction, it isn't viable most of the time. For me at least.
Might be a different experience for others.

Auto-Airblast: 10/10
It's insanely p. Infact, I sometimes enjoy playing Pyro with RijiN because of how good it is.

Auto-Backstab: 8/10
It works good. However it can be a little weird with fake latency.
I think senator told me why it's like that before, but I forgot.

Visuals: 10/10
If you know how to configure them right, you can make them look stunning.

Performance (for my specs): 6/10
I use a laptop, so my framerate gets low at times.
I can get it to work higher if I close a couple applications running in the background though.
im already aware its better on high end computers no need to remind me

HvH: 8/10?
I don't always HvH but it works fine I suppose.

Doubletap: 9/10
Works pretty good. It barely acts unusual for me.

Crithack: 8/10
I don't know if this happens to others or not, but most of the time on melee weapons,
my crithack goes from having full crits to temporarily 0 crits.
I can fix it by changing classes though.
Other than that, it works fine on any other weapon that isn't melee.

Auto Vacc, Uber, and Kritz: 10/10
It works pretty good. I sometimes like to play Medic for how swell it works.

Injection: 8/10
It works alright, but sometimes it won't inject and give me an error.
I either restart the loader or restart my computer to fix it, so it's not a big deal.

Final Rating: 7/10
In my opinion, it's a decent cheat for a TF2 cheat.
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