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RijiN V2 Review for TF2

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It's my last couple of hours before my subscription ends, and I've fully used RijiN V2 for all the features it has to offer. I'm relatively new when it comes to cheating in multiplayer video games, but I had experience with other popular cheats for TF2 before trying out RijiN, so I can somewhat understand how this cheat compares to others in the market.

A disclaimer before the review, a lot of the problems regarding certain features of RijiN may be due to my "lower-end" setup, I'm sure RijiN will perform better on other setups.

TF2 Cheats I've used prior to RijiN: *******, **********

RijiN is well known and is pride upon it's aimbot, especially it's projectile aimbot. In my experience, any hitscan weapons work beautifully. It works extremely well even under high latency, and I've managed to shoot other cheaters faster than their cheat ever could. Honestly, I've never had a major problem with RijiN's hitscan aimbot, with the very few exceptions where it fires, but doesn't hit anything (against legit players).
Since melee hit detection works as a hitscan, I will including it here under hitscan aimbot, there were some issues with the melee aimbot swinging and hitting a target, but it does not register. Although, I'm convinced this is most likely a problem with the mechanics of the melee system in TF2, and not RijiN's fault.

Now the projectile aimbot, in my honest opinion built by the experience I had with RijiN, fell below my expectations. There were multiple issues I had regarding the accuracy of the aimbot compared to others' experience with it. There were many times I had a clear shot with the Direct Hit on Soldier, but RijiN does not want to fire (this may be an issue with autoshoot). Of course, there are many factors that could be the issue I had with the projectile aimbot, that the enemies I encounter know how to strafe, me not timing the shot well enough, configing issues, or the limited processing power of my PC.
Demoman's grenades had a problem when shooting at buildings where due to the arc of his projectiles, it lobs over the buildings and misses them.
But strangely, I had no problems with the Huntsman and I could tell it hits more heads than *******.

In general, I had no problems with the hitscan aimbot and hope for improvements to the projectile aimbot and/or its optimization.

Score: 8/10

This one is rather easy, as it is simple enough to explain. I believe one of the reasons I wanted to try out RijiN was because of it's clean and easy to customize chams. Compared to *******'s visual, RijiN works way better and has more options to further tailor it into your liking, and it was more easier to configure than **********. Bullet tracers and custom ragdoll effects are just the cherry on top of this expansive visual customization.
Only one issue regarding the visuals is that sometimes enemies and sentries do not render fast/far enough for me to catch a group of enemies or a sentry walking around the corner.

In general, if you want your TF2 experience to look as visually-pleasing as possible, go for RijiN's chams.

Score: 10/10

RijiN's legit anti-aim option is honestly one of the most useful features when closet cheating or facing another cheater in a sniper vs sniper while there are too many legit players to safely use anti-aim without getting kicked. The full customization of the anti-aim settings is pretty neat, but could be confusing to configure for many who are not well versed in the HvH scene (such as myself).
Another thing I personally liked about RijiN is the look of your character model when you enable fakelag. This one is a personal thing I enjoy, but I like to when what my class looks like to others while using fakelag.
The anti-aim resolver had a few issues in my experience, namely when there is another cheater who is not using anti-aim, it will still try to resolve their yaw, leading to first shot being a miss. The resolver for me has been a hit or miss experience, where I could always hit the head and completely dominate the opposition, but then I can't seem to do anything but body aim. There were even some cases where the aimbot won't bother to shoot with the resolver on (most likely an issue with autoshoot).
On a bit of a tangent, for those of you who have more experience in TF2 HvH, may I get some help configuring my anti-aim settings or show me an example of yours? Thanks.

In general, the anti-aim and resolver may be considered to be the best by others, but in my experience there was some difficulties in getting the settings right, and again, this may be due to my hardware's capabilities.

Score: 7/10

The biggest thing to mention about RijiN's misc section is the double tap, there is no need for an explanation about just how well it works and RijiN is infamous for its smooth double tap. It always beats out *******'s double tap and is still usable in high ping. This one is my personal favourite, going around as Heavy and deleting the whole enemy team all the way back to their spawn until they get a Vaccinator Medic. This feature is a miracle and is the most fun I ever had with RijiN's features.
Bunnyhop and autostrafe works as well as any other TF2 cheat.
The crithack was an interesting one, as it can show me as a value how many crits I have stored, and how much damage I would need to do in order to unban me from crits. Much more informative than *******'s crithack and actually works, unlike **********'s non-existent crithack.
Chat tags and cheater detections are more quality-of-life improvements that I enjoy.

A important thing to note for the developers of RijiN, the anti-afk does not work. There were multiple times I was kicked from the server for being AFK, despite the option being selected.

In general, the double tap is amazing. I'll look forward to what other features will be implemented in RijiN and hope for a fix for the Anti-AFK kick option.

Auto-vaccinator works well and I have no complaints about it's reaction time. The auto-sticky works well. The auto-airblast had a few problems where at a certain short distance, the airblast is mistimed and fails to redirect the projectile. Other than that, not much to say about RijiN's automation features.

In general, works as intended.

Score: 9/10

Other things that should be mention which I feel is what makes me really enjoy this cheat is the developers of RijiN are actually active and determined to continue improving the cheat. Adding features and fixing bugs suggested by the community. This cheat has a more lively community in my experience than *******.
However, the only thing holding me back from continuing to use RijiN is its price. In my opinion, the price for only 30 days of RijiN is just a little too high for me, but I would most likely buy another subscription when a sale is happening. I do understand that the high price (compared to other cheats) is necessary to incentivize the developers to continue work on RijiN, and I cannot convince otherwise.

In conclusion, RijiN V2 was one of the most interesting cheats I've ever gotten for TF2 and I am looking forward to see what else is in store for future updates.
This review seems kinda familiar :troll:

There were many times I had a clear shot with the Direct Hit on Soldier, but RijiN does not want to fire (this may be an issue with autoshoot).
I'd say this is an issue with your hitchance. It might be too high
This review seems kinda familiar :troll:

I'd say this is an issue with your hitchance. It might be too high
lol I swear it is a coincidence that my testimonial is similar to yours.
I actually think it might have to do with my hardware not being able to handle RijiN well enough, as my hitchance is around 30%-40% and never above 50%.
But again, thank you for the advice.
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