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RijiN V2 Review (Go Buy It!)

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Hello! This review is as honest as it could get and it comes from an ***/Lmaobad user perspective and after I tried this cheat I realized why people really like using it and think it is the best one in the market.


Starting off with the aimbot: THIS ONE IS MUCH MORE SUPERIOR TO THE OTHERS, This one just can't miss unlike other clients that I've used in the past (an actual working aimbot??) talking about hitscan here which no one can do it as right as they do at RijiN.

Now then that we've somewhat covered the hitscan: Let's talk about Projectile Aimbot:
You can't exactly explain how good it is, Barely misses anyone and works like a charm just shoots and scores.
The only one thing that lacks in this aimbot is the simple thing of visualized FOV that would be nicer to have, Not as necessary but still is really useful.



Usually you can't talk much about crit hacks in clients, It is a simple thing: Hold button, Shoot, Profit!
However you CAN talk about that here because they actually count how much damage you need to do in order to unban your crits! Really is an awesome feature that most of the cheats lack and really need it.


Now then, Let's get to the star of this cheat: DoubleTap! You can't compare this DT with other clients, This one is the only DoubleTap you need in TF2 - If you're not using it, There really is something wrong with you (Except for other classes that are using projectiles instead of hitscan duh) This DoubleTap's doing charms when you play with it and one of the best reasons to buy this cheat.

Visuals & GUI

Visuals are good, They do a good job with a good color picker (still need that aimbot FOV)
The GUI is something that I could talk about more, Really is a simple GUI would be nice but unnecessary to see an upgrade there, This GUI is really user friendly and easy to configure on.
Would say that this is a really simple GUI and a decent one and would recommend to anyone who's looking for a simple GUI.


BHOP and the WASD Auto-Strafer

This is the best AutoStrafer i've ever had and superior to ****'s (*** doesn't have the feature due to the lack of updates they give)

Server Crasher

Honestly, I haven't tried it yet. But I am really sure they made it awesome judging by their other feature they provided here.


This specific feature gives 1000% more satisfaction on kill, You kill someone and it dissolves them, That's one of the best features that I barely see any clients do
also it gives a variety of effects on kill (golden frying pan, spycicle, burning effect, pyro's neon sign effect etc).
Also the beams you fire are really cool too, That's an awesome feature.


All in all I'd recommend you to buy a lifetime for this cheat if you're looking for the best TF2 cheat that's far more superior and incomparable to other clients
And now I am going to give my final scores :

AIMBOT - 10/10

EXPLOITS - 10/10

VISUALS - 10/10

GUI - 9/10

MISC. - 10/10


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