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Rijin V2 Review

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An honest review of Rijin V2. Finally got around to using it, and its absolutely cracked..

Injection is smooth and quick. It sometimes crashes tf2, however. I like the injection menu, its very good if you have multiple game subscriptions. Overall 8/10, would bump it up if they fixed the crashes.

Projectile Aimbot
Its OP. It is neigh on impossible to juke out the projectile aimbot, and the amount of flashy shit you can pull off is insane. It works with every single projectile weapon, excluding the loose cannon, but that might be because of my bad config. It also doesn't make you shoot yourself while peeking with soldier rocket launchers, which is nice. If you want best results as soldier I recommend using the direct hit or original, and as demo you can use whatever. 10/10, I have no words to describe how good it is.

Hitscan Aimbot
It works amazing, that's about all I have to say. Only misses if you are trying to hit people with a pistol across the map. Another 10/10, its great.

V1 doubletap was already cracked, so I didn't think there was much they could improve on, but the recode proved me wrong. IT DOES NOT MISS. I tested it for hours with a friend with multiple different configs and weapons and it just didn't miss. It's absolutely insane and it works phenomenally regardlessd of what circumstances you are in. Best paired with spread manipulation. 10/10, its literally perfect.

Works great, rarely has fake crits. It tells you the damage left for a crit unban, which is also nice. You won't get crit banned if you turn on "skip random crits" and if you don't try to use 100000 crits in the same minute. 9/10.

Color picker works great, and it doesn't kill your frames while changing colors (unlike a certain other cheat). I wish they had an FOV visualizer, but I heard that is being added soon which is nice. Chams are good, but sometimes they just go completely black for no reason. This was also an issue that v1 had. It does end up fixing itself, but it still lasts 30 minutes at least, which is annoying. It does not mean that its unplayable though, just turn off team chams and you'll be fine. 7.5/10, full black chams kinda ruins it for me, but if it was fixed I'd bump this up to 10/10.

Server Crasher
Works really well, very fast too. Haven't used it much beyond testing on a private server, though. Works on community servers sometimes, works on casual 95% of the time. It does hard crash my game occasionally though, but it might be unrelated. 9/10.

BHOP+Auto Strafe

The BHOP works great if you are using market gardener, and the WASD auto strafe is great. I like how it allows you to automatically avoid walls, but it can be a bother sometimes. I wish it had a key toggle, but I might have just not seen it. 9.5/10.

The kill effects are great, I also really like the bullet tracers (raygun best IMO, but merasmus is also really cool).
Another thing is the cheater tags, very useful in general. I also like how it watches people and marks them as suspicious/cheaters.
As for pricing, it is very affordable, so thats not an issue at all.

Closing Remarks
The recode is great. It works far better than I thought it would. Looking forward to future updates, though there isn't much that can be improved on.
Overall I give Rijin v2 a 9.5/10. It's affordable, easy to configure, very strong, and is updated often.
This review covered everything that I thought was important, but if I missed anything important I will update this review.
Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day.
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