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RIJIN V2 Review

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Rijin is currently the most powerful cheat available on the market and is definitely dominating the competition.

-Decent Aimbot (Works great with all classes)
-Perfect Doubletap (If you are new to rijin, I definitely recommend you to test out force-a-nature doubletap, you won't regret)
-Fully Customizable Visuals (Something that v1 lacked the most)
-Average Projectile Aimbot (Soldier and sniper only, more about it in the cons)
-Perfect Crithack
-Packed with cool features miscellaneous (for e.g directional autostrafe, server lagger, avoid walls, region selector, etc.)
-surprisingly good auto backstab
-Strong Anti Aim
-Aimbot Config for each class (for some people this may be a pro, for others a con)
-Disable sounds feature (Footsteps, Noisemaker and Frying pan)

-No arc predictions for demoman
-No fake latency
-Projectile aimbot still needs some improvements
-Lacks of features for legit cheating
-Loader doesn't always work properly and requires to re-inject
-Won't inject if not in-game
-Rare unknown crashes
-Auto airblast redirection doesn't seem to work properly
-Projectile aimbot fails to predict when enemies using base jumper


-"Doubletap impossible" should be optional
-Maybe an skin changer

Overall i would rate rijin v2 solid 8/10
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Thanks for the review, I've added some time to your account.
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