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RijiN V2 Review

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Injection (2/5)
- takes some time to inject (around 1 minute or less)

- frequently crashes when injecting (it crashed 30 times for me once)
- has built-in VAC bypass

Stability (
- crashes when going ALT+TAB (other cheats don't have this issue)
- slight chance of crashing when changing configs
- 8+ hours of playing on hightower server and no crash
- 150+ fps on a GPU that is from 2015

Menu (
- simple and user friendly
- custom colors

Aimbot + Double Tap (
- dt on scout, heavy and engineer is super awesome, very effective with crit hack
- aimbot on sniper sometimes bodyshots a idle class
- projectile aimbot is just awesome as dt but i hate when it sometimes doesn't shoot when peeking or fakelagging enemies
- honestly the best aimbot i have tried (makes pasters rq very fast)

HvH (
- antiaim is simple and easy to use, id perfer using manual than automatic
- fakelag does the job, i can walk on 2fort without being headshot

Visuals (
- i am using dx81 because of perfomance issues so chams on rijin are just flat textures, sometimes i can't even recognize what class is it when there is a horde of players in one place
- esp just like in every other cheat does the same thing althrough rijin has more options unlike lmaopoop

- have a option to perfer using aimbot on cheaters/suspicious than legits
- unload option
- config sharing
- skinchanger
- backtrack
- custom menus

Thanks for your review, backtrack has always been in the cheat under the option "History" in position adjustment.
Here is a short video I made while I still had RijiN. @admin Will you extend my subscripton now since I didn't get it on my review.
Not open for further replies.
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