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RijiN v2 (TF2) 2 Month's Experience.


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» Aimbot ( Hitscan ): 10/10

Aimbot's targeting ability is simply phenomenal. It never shoots through walls or hits unintended targets like other cheats that I will not quote, as I said it is very accurate and is almost perfect, it has its flaws but most of the time they are practically unnoticeable, and in HvH it performs simply phenomenally too, One of the cheats that have the best aimbot feature on the market I would say.

» Aimbot ( Projectile ): 9/10

The projectile aimbot is very good too, it has a great predict and etc, even more with the Arc predict it is a very harmonious experience, but from time to time it gives some misses that I wonder how since the cheat hits some impossible shots , but I guess in a way this is my fault after all I'm still learning how to configure the software, but in summary it's very good.

» Visuals: 10/10

The cheat is actually very customizable and has several visual options, I don't have much to say here but it's very good for those who like to customize both the software and the visuals a lot, like me.

» Exploits ( DoubleTap, FakeLag, etc.. ): 9/10

The software has several very good exploits with phenomenal performance, a good example is the doubletap, it works perfectly and always works together harmoniously with the aimbot giving an incredible result for the users, another feature to be mentioned is the FakeLag, it impresses me a lot because a simple configuration on it is already able to make opponents miss it even looks like magic hahaha, and finally CritHack, this feature is very good it works perfectly in addition to the indicator that helps a lot during the game, the only problem I've ever had is that sometimes the crits just reset and I have to respawn to get back to normal and the crit dmg gets too high apart from that and all the other exploits are perfect.

» Anti-Aim: 9/10

Anti-Aim is another feature that I really appreciate in the software, it's very customizable and good too, but I still don't know how to configure it very well due to the diversity of options, but apart from that it's a great feature too.

» Miscellaneous: 10/10

Great and agile BunnyHop with autostrafe, several features that help a lot in the game like Anti-Backstab and even Streamer mode, and several others that can be used by the user according to their taste, great category too.

» Automations: 9/10
I don't have much to say because I don't use this tab a lot, but from what I've used I can say that it's very good, Auto-Vaccinator works perfectly even more for someone like me who doesn't have the habit of playing doctor and auto reflect from pyro works perfectly, it practically doesn't crash from what I've played on casual and dodgeball servers.

- Final conclusion ( 9.5 / 10 ):

The software is very good and I consider it the best on the market at the moment, it has many features and many customization options, it is a great choice for anyone who wants to play both HvH and legit.

Thank you for your review. One hundred McDonald's cheeseburgers have been shipped to your location.
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