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RijiN v2 (TF2) 2 weeks experience.


Aimbot : Crazy rarely misses very accurate and almost perfect

Projectile Pred : im in love with it since i like playing soldier its the most important feature in this cheat for me and it works as expected and sometimes even better

Visuals : very customizable has good chams options such as glow with the overlay (needed that cause i come from csgo hvh)

Exploits : The Doubletap is always accurate never had problems with it neither did i have problems with the fakelag

Antiaim : Very good i like it there could be additions such as yaw jitter {not rotate on low ms actual jitter (switch yaw) }

Misc : I dont know what to say to the misc tab since everything u need is there

Automations : Very helpful in MvM for Medic, Demoman or Soldier

Overall the best Software ive used this far for Team Fortress 2.
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