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Rijin V2 TF2 is one of the best cheats

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personal problems

Launcher 7/10 ?

it exists
and looks fine
and does not require constant logging in after one login.

lacks options
and every time Launch it. I get the error message even tho I can still use it and always some line of code is having a problem at injection.

Aimbot - 8/10 :)
one of the best aimbots for rage hacking.
accurate unlag is great

legit aimbot is kinda plain
no splash prediction is crucial for hvh
not very open to legit aim

Visuals - 7/10 :whistle:
they are great and do what they are supposed to do.
gives you useful information.
clean visuals
no projectile path visualisation(only target.).
have some hard-to-understand features.
No radar or mirror.

poor customization to charms and colours.
It a completely concise.

it is very hard to get an invisible spy to disappear on the cloak.
alpha level selector on colour selection does not work.

HVH - 9.9/10 :cool:

configured can wipe the entire spawn camp or even 5 heavys and pockets.

does the job and does it well.
the anty aim is great.

fake lag and any lag-related feathers are a bit buggy sometimes and make aimbot miss a lot.
auto peak is poor and does not even auto peak by detecting corners and enemy sight.

the legit anty aim does not let you set the custom pitch for real any aim.

Miscellaneous 8/10 :D

the Best feature is bot mute and bot auto vote.?
bunny how works as expected
auto strafe have wall avoid(Very nice)
crit hack is slow but reliable
DT is useful for traps or heavy hvh for instant kills.
Doubletap is super smooth and 9/10 DT.
auto strafe is very restricting but, it works just fine
and has useful and needed options.
A cheater detector is necessary for me at least.

crit hack is a little slow and must calculate when in other cheats you can use it instantly
the fast queue was a great but somehow it got broken and now it never finds a match.
legit auto strafe lacks some control.
Doubletap does not have automatic recharge instantly after the fire you must push the button manually.

Doubletap is not instantly accessible when in mid-combat and reliable when unprepared and it is not gonna be ready to fire when you are firing already.
lacks playlist or at least scoreboard indication of who is cheating or bot. should make cheaters and bot's names red on the scoreboard.

Automations 9.9/10 ?‍?️

auto reflect by itself is great and it gives soldiers their toys back. probably has little latency when too close.
best auto meidc(vacciantor, uber, kritz. etc)
backtrack to aim is something we look for.
most features are common but are great.
The auto engineer is helpful but it is annoying that it cannot reach the teleporter.
auto rocket jump is better than other cheats.

the auto sticky release does not work or even stops from using the sticky launcher.
auto rocket jump is blocking when aimbotting which is annoying aimbot should work when you try to rocket jump.
auto rocket jump always needs max clip.

config 5/10
works as intended
works fast

only 5 configs

Generally 9/10

cheat contains crucial cheat features and the best projectile aimbot on market.
Once you get used to this cheat it is best. especially for HVH.
but lack of follow bot makes it incompatible with multiboxing which is sad because if I could play with both accounts then I would dominate servers.

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