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Rijin V2 TF2 Review.

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This review is just of the things that i find interesting and use the most also my thoughts on performance.

This is my second day of using Rijin and have not tested every class, I mainly bought it just to test how good is the projectile aim.

Projectile Aim = 8.5 out of 10 10 out of 10!

The Projectile Aim is the main reason of me buying a sub for Rijin V2, I wanted to see how it fair against some of its competitors having heard good words about it.In My Opinion, for soldier and sniper the projectile aim is good, more so for the huntsman, I have no complaints there, As for the demoman i have some qualms about it like how it ever so slightly misses whenever an enemy strafes just a little bit but that is not to say the overall performance is bad, No! infact i've hit some crazy pipes.

Update: It works gorgeously now if you find the right hitchance! althought there are some stuff to take not of, As of today the standard GL for demoman misses sentry by a head high for whatever reason.

Auto Backstab = 10 out of 10

The backstab works amazingly, it works even when i am on a really high ping server using fake latency, Correct me if im wrong but it seems to me that the Fake Latency adjusts itself so i hit my backstabs more often and it is really satisfying.

Aimbot In General = 10 out of 10

The aimbot is just Capital Letter P, casual hvh is just so easy, Hitscan is fast, Hits players the moment they come out, I dont even need to use resolver to hit headshots while the enemy is Anti Aiming(casual hvh not hvh server). Nuff Said.

HvH Features = 10 out of 10

Have not tried every setting, Just know that on its automatic config it is already amazing, Dumps a lot of closet cheaters. Anti Backtrack is freaking good and Auto Peek is superb!

Visuals = 10 out of 10

Has everything you need and it does not bug out thats the important part,already preset when you first start the loader and i have been using the same thing.

Auto Airblast= Absolute 10!!!

Absolute Monster! i bought this software for another purpose but came out loving it just because SOLELY because of this, This feature has been perfected and suffice to say it is a dream come true for whoever wants the best absolute BEST auto reflect out there in my opinion, The customizability is superb its everything i've ever asked for i didnt even know that this software focused so much in the feature. JUST BECAUSE OF THIS FEATURE it is 100% worth the money.
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