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Rijin v2 tf2 testimonial

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This is my testimonial for the cheat. ive been using it for a bit now and wanted to make a testimonial.

Aimbot Tab
The aimbot tab is really good, it automaticly goes through each class whenever you change to a certain class. Im going to go over hitscan and projectile.

Hitscan 9/10
Hitscan is very good it almost never misses unlike some other cheats like ******* or ******** and it also does a pretty good job at aiming at the body parts you select and doesnt baim when head only is enabled (******* baims when you have head only on) there are also a good amount of target options which is fantastic. it also aims at robots in MvM. One issue with the aimbot doesnt target lock which makes me die sometimes a lot

Projectile 9/10
Im going to go over each class and how the projectile aimbot is on every single class that is projectile based.

The projectile aimbot for soldier is solid. it simulates movement good and almost hits every single shot and never misses. it also predicts strafe pretty good with no errors. i do hate that the projectile aimbot isnt hitscan and only goes after feet if the enemy is on ground so if someone is for example in the spawn area of 2fort and you are below there you wont shoot until their legs are visible which is annoying. 9/10 until they fix the Hitscan issue


There really isnt much to be said about the pyro aimbot it works just fine and does what it needs to. 10/10


The demoman aimbot works great when the enemy is on ground but if the enemy goes in air the aimbot just dies. I talked to @jp4 about this and he said it was because it wasnt nearly done so that was probaly the issue. 6/10 will be a solid 10/10 when its fully done


Same as soldier it just works flawlessly and it doesnt aim at feet so it works if the enemy is above or below you. 10/10


The history/Backtrack on rijin is very overpowered and works so fucking good with spy its insane its also really good with sniper the autobackstab is also really good if not the best one out there. if there was fake latency it would be overpowered. 10/10


the esp is really good and has many options to choose from. it is also optimized well. 10/10
The chams are very customizable. you can get many styles like normal wallhack thats just playermodels or you can go full csgo style with fresnel which is very nice 10/10
There are tons of misc options to choose from. you can have custom bullet tracers, custom fov, viewmodel show silent aim and custom ragdolls 10/10
The ui is very clean and looks really good. i also like that you can change the theme of the menu to any kind of style you like. 10/10


The antiaim is pretty good, but its dogshit to configure since you cant see your real angle. it works really well other than that, it makes people miss a lot 8/10

Works very well. i almost never have problems with it. 10/10

The resolver is also very good. i hit most of the shots i shoot. 10/10

The misc is really good. it has a lot of options like directional strafe and even a server crasher which does very well and its quite funny to see people get pissed over it. the crithack is very good and doesnt fake crit much. the dt is the best dt to exist in any cheat. it never misses, works great on high ping and just dominates everyone. 11/10

There are lots of automation options which works good. auto vacc never lets me down and its really nice that you can set your own sensitivity. the auto reflect is also really op and just never misses a reflect. 10/10

Overall a really good cheat, it never makes me wish i had some other cheat than this. its by far the best cheat out there ATM

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Great review! I've added some time to your subscription.
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