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RijN V2 Review

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The aimbot works very well comapred to V1 when the sniper was bipolar and missing.
Most bugs are actually solved as the staff team promised. There are some issues with the projectile like strafing issues and on demoman the pipe doesn't work very well for me. But the rest of the aimbot is good. Same with backtrack and lagfix but I wish there was a custom latency picker


A lot of visuals have been added to the cheat like more chams , colors to certain stuff and indicators. I really like the indicators which provide who voted and the cheater indicator working properly this time. Also the optimization is way better now than every cheat imo since it uses a lot of features it's working pretty well to stay above 60 fps but I have issues with when there are a lot of drawn esp my fps goes below 60 but that is my problem I guess. What I would wanted to be added is a cham / indicator for your real peak and backtrack chams. They would be very good for spy also

The double tap is perfect and most features work well. I have no issues with the Misc. best thing about it is the strafer and auto-vacc. Both well coded features which makes this cheat special.


The HvH features are very good. Resolver works decent with good logic but to be honest it dumps angles that are pretty logical like with edge detected aa's. Anti-aim works very good but I don't really understand the custom aa's. Fake lagg works as it should and some features that make it good is anti-backtrack and auto-peek. Which no cheat has.

I give this cheat a 9/10. Nothing wrong with it only with some minor bugs due to some pc issues or other stuff. I would get RijiN every time because it's the best at the marketplace atm. With an active staff team and daily updates it shows the cheat will become even better in the future. :)
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