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Short Rijin Review


Aimbot 10/10
There isn't that much to say about the aimbot. It works really well and rarely misses. Its actually pretty highly customizable despite not looking like it at a first glance.
The same thing goes for the projectile aimbot. I've used it on probably every single projectile weapon and I haven't had any trouble with it. It works really well and rarely misses (especially if you mess around with the hit chance). The cheat feels like it is more aimed towards HvH but it still works if you want to play legit.

HVH 10/10

This is were Rijin shines. The AA (anti aim) is highly customizable and I haven't had any problems with it yet. Other cheats miss a decent amount and HvH is generally speaking pretty easy (but that could partly be because they are ret****d).

Fake-lag and other features
This also works flawlessly. The resolver is good, the fake lag is good... It simply just works!!

Visuals 9/10
I do think rijin lacks a little when it comes to visuals. I've had some problems with chams turning black and the outline on entities disappearing. However the amount of times this has happened has definitely decreased compared to what I experienced 2 months ago. Other than that it should cover basically everything you'd possibly want to do!

Misc and Auto 10/10
There isn't so much to say about misc either, I haven't had any problems with any features. Crit-hack works really well, auto strafe and bhop works really well, other stuff like auto detonator, auto sticky, rocket jump etc. it all works. It also covers basically all features other cheats have so you wont miss out. The ONLY downside with Rijin is the triggerbot. While the cheat feels more aimed towards the HVH side a better triggerbot would be nice. It works most of the time and it isn't really a problem, But occasionally it shoots at nothing and/or misses.
Also I have to point out that the DT (Double Tap) is exceptionally good. Compared to other cheats this one has worked the best.

Overall I'd give it a straight 10/10
If you want to play legit there are probably better options out there (at least until they fix the triggerbot) but it still works really well and unless you're stupid you should be able to get away with it :)

The ONLY real complaint is the config system. Being able to rename the configs and sharing them would be nice. But its not a huge deal...
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