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Short RijiN v2 review

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Initial review made 1/20/22.

A small preface - this was written in a pretty short amount of time but will be updated as updates come out and will likely be changed around some as this happens, this is just a little basic review and will serve as something of a basis. Actual number review may come and go as they feel a little bit arbitrary but for now this is how it will be.

Aimbot - <8/10>
Pretty rarely misses, only thing I can really say is you can't disable auto shoot for a more closet playstyle if that's something you're looking for in a cheat, and you seemingly can't have silent melee aim while smooth aiming with hitscan (basically only affects heavy afaik). Outside of those two things, overall customization is amazing for the aimbot.

Proj. Aim - <7.5/10>
Some minor bugs seem to be around, but the feature itself has improved significantly since v2 release. Customization is really good for this as well, letting you basically have it any way you want it.

Visuals - <8/10>
Missing some things like fake chams and hand chams and more minor stuff like spec list, aim fov circle, and albeit this is mostly just something I want, text esp for health instead of just a bar. Outside of those with the recent addition of projectile path and aimbot target chams and everything else already being very greatly customizable to how you want it with a lot of nice features other public cheats don't have (tracers, ragdoll effects, show silent aim, etc.) RijiN ends up having one of if not my favorite visual suites in a cheat.

HvH - ?
Have never actually gone into a hvh server as it's not really my thing, the casual vs. bot experience though would be a solid 9, even the most basic config has allowed me to win against teams half full of bots with relative ease.

Miscellaneous - <9.5/10>
Bhop combined with directional strafe is great, fast queue is probably good but I haven't taken the time to actually test it; all the features under "Other" work well except auto mute bots has never worked in my experience for whatever reason, one of my only "issues" is you can't see doms while enemy team classes are revealed. Chat notifications are amazing as well as the cheater detection system as a whole, and I don't really know where it'd fit so I'll just put it here, setcvar is very fun to play around with and nice to have althought a GUI might be nice.

Crithack - 10
Amazing, does it's job perfectly and the only "issue" is not being able to move the indicator, otherwise perfect and hasn't really given me a single issue or reason for complaint.

DT - <9.5/10>
Misses sometimes, that's basically a given but outside of that works flawlessly.

Automations - <8/10>
I don't play med ever so I cannot comment on that section, autoreflect is amazing and the customization is very nice to have. Triggerbot, autodetonator, and charge bot all work beautifully and are great to use auto disguise is nice although I leave it off usually as it can end up disguising you as a slower class which might be more tactically smart but the speed of scout/spy disguise would be preferred, and I haven't used auto-rj and sticky det seems pretty iffy.

Overall - <9/10>
This cheat is one of the best on the market right now and I can give it a very safe 9 rating, as well easily seeing this going higher as some of the features I spoke on are added and certain things are cleaned up, price for value I don't really think it can be beat at all for a subscription model and I don't see myself going back to anything else if I return to tf2 cheating regularly.

Good review, we will look at adding a option to disable automatic fire on aim-key.

I've added some time onto your subscription, thanks for the feedback.
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