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Should you buy Rijin Solutions v2 TF2 (Legit/Casual use only)

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Hello, I just bought a week of Rijin for the first time for TF2, and I wanted to talk about my experience.

I. Introduction:

I went into this cheat looking for a potential upgrade to ****, it's served me well for many years but there are things that I wish it did better. That being said, I was looking more for a legit cheat to use in casual etc. rather than an hvh cheat, which will make my review heavily biased in that direction, I plan on also testing out the rage features and giving a report on them later, but I need more time to do so, I just got the cheat a few hours ago so most of this review will focus on feature choices, visuals, and legit performance.

The point of this review isn't to suck anyone's dick, nor is it to shit on any cheat, I have most of my experience cheating with at least 7+ CSGO cheats for about 7-8 years at this point, and my goal here is to tell you whether this software is right for you. For the same reason, I will not give ratings out of 10, they serve no purpose, I will compare features to that of other cheats if possible. I will rate each feature with these questions for this review (will change obviously for hvh review):
  1. Is the feature well implemented/consistent/bug-free?
  2. Is it a useful feature for legit cheating? Do I use it frequently?
  3. How does this feature compare to similar ones in other cheats? Does it exist at all in other cheats?
In addition, I will talk about features that I think are missing or wish were expanded upon.

II. The Loader

Rijin uses a different kind of loader from **** if that is all you are used to, otherwise it functions similarly to most csgo cheats. The main advantage it has over **** is that you don't need to restart in order to use it, but what I don't like is that it autologs you in, I wish there were an option at least on the first run to launch the game automatically. This is not a big problem in general however, and generally the cheat injected without much problem, seems to not run into many of the issues p2c loaders have with crashing games or having stupid requirements. I wish I could keep the loader launched to inject again if I need to restart my game, but in general this is not a big issue and I much prefer that there is a stable/reliable loader over more features.

III. The menu

Menu is a fixed-size standard box format, comes with 5 config slots, don't know if there is a way to increase this. Menu colors are configurable, font does not seem to be within the menu itself (It seems you can configure the font if you change your windows default font but idk), otherwise configuration is minimal, but this is not something I care that much about as long as the menu looks good, which it mostly does. The options are legible, and mostly intuitive, with well-thought out organization although it can be a little cramped.

There are 5 main tabs, Aim, visuals, hvh, misc, and automation, and the visuals tab splits up into an esp/main and a chams/glow tab. Generally the visuals tab makes sense, and misc ends up having the kinds of features that you'd expect, but the choice of dividing the rest in aim/hvh/automation is unorthodox compared to other p2cs. I think in general, it ends up working, but it would be more intuitive for me if the aim tab were renamed to "Legit", the HVH tab to "Rage", and the automation tab removed in favor of slotting it in sub-tabs or menus in those other tabs. Like I mentioned, you end up finding what you are looking for once you get used to it, but most users are probably familiar with having a legitbot close in the menu to the triggerbot related features, although there are a lot of "trigger"-type features in a fully featured tf2 hack so I understand the choice of opting for a new tab.

The UI is generally legible, even though there isn't much space to work with, dropdown boxes actually end up being very user-friendly which many cheats tend to mess up horribly. Some additional grouping would be nice, maybe either through indentation or more boxes within boxes: it can be difficult to tell for instance if a group of checkboxes are together or are for different features, especially for keybinds, but this doesn't get to the point where you get lost, for the most part. Speaking of the keybinds, a dedicated keybinds tab for minor keybinds would be nice, could be combined with a config tab to facilitate toggling between different configs, setting configs for each class etc.

Generally, everything I mentioned up till now is very minor QoL, the menu for the most part is clear, is easy on the eyes, and works to do what it is supposed to. There are however some more significant problems I have with it:
  1. Each class's aimbot is universal, meaning for a config, you will for the most part be using the same aimbot for all of the weapons of a given class. For many classes this isn't a huge issue, but for classes with a mix of hitscan and projectile based weapons it can start to make config-making a little awkward. I think the fix for this is relatively easy and you can go about it in different ways: either an aimbot configuration group for both slots (i.e. one for sniper rifle and one for smg), or even better, do the aimbot configuration per-weapon type instead of per class (i.e. one for normal snipers, one for huntsman, one for sydney sleeper, one for shotguns, one for throwables etc.). This is an issue which limits how you can config for legit play very much and it is unfortunate because it is so easy to fix.
  2. The set configs system, I'm never a fan of when a cheat does this, I would much rather have the freedom to make as many configs as I want.
  3. The menu would work fine if this was a cheat like ******* with a smaller amount of features, but given how much customization you are allowing your users, it would make sense to revamp the ui to give everything more space and its own area. Also, it would be nice to be able to configure the always-active menu elements like spectator box etc.
  4. Config sharing, I know the whole config selling scene is cancer, but some form of config exporting is really a good way to let users optimize with settings and optimize settings over time
Overall, there's no use really comparing the menu to ****'s, in both cheats it tends to be fairly simple, and although there is room for improvement, as it stands the only issue which really gets in the way is the aimbot config.

IV. Features - Legit Aimbot:

Going to go out on a limb real quick and say, yes, this is the best aimbot I have used in TF2 so far, no contest, in terms of raw performance it absolutely blows everything else out of the water when it comes to legit use (although once I test hvh I am sure it will also be good).

In terms of what I actually use to legit cheat, I only tend to actually use aimbot for melee and for hitscan.

While I have tested out the proj aimbot, and it ends up working much more consistently than ****'s, you simply end up running into the same issue with all proj aimbots for legit play: they cannot (by definition) be fully consistent, and will eventually get you caught by experienced players because obviously a computer will end up making strange predictions. So while the proj aimbot is great, and I know for some reason a lot of people care about this feature, I don't see myself using it that much to legit cheat. I would be lying if I said I would never use it, however, the medic crossbow aimbot actually works really well and is unlikely to get you caught, and for pyro's flare guns it should help with consistency in comboing. Otherwise, I would occasionally probably use it for demoman but I don't see myself using the proj aimbot for direct hit or huntsman despite how good it is.

For hitscan legit aimbot, I can only give praise. Besides the menu restrictions I mentioned before, the actual performance of the legitbot in casual is amazing, it just works amazingly when configured well, and the smoothing algorithm feels better than ****'s. In addition, the configuration options are really great, letting you tweak many different aspects of your aimbot depending on the circumstance, which ends up being really nice when making configs as you can increase point scale for sniper for example, which increases your accuracy a lot while not making the aimbot look any more sus. Melee aimbot is also great.

Some of the features look interesting and work pretty well in my testing, like spread mitigation, but I don't see myself using that for legit cheating, since it does not look very natural to perfectly tapshoot automatic weapons.

Overall I really don't have many suggestions for the legit bot, it's one of the highlights of the cheat, if anything maybe there would be a way to integrate proj-aimbot a little better for legit gameplay? I.e. slight adjustments or visual indications for projectiles based on your current target (slightly increase accuracy without the chance of looking blatant).

V. Features - Triggerbot and Backtracking:

I put this section right after aimbot because like the above, it is also amazing, and the main reason I wanted to try rijin in the first place. The backtracking is absolutely crisp, it just works amazingly right out of the box. Seriously, try market gardening on rijin vs. **** and the difference is night and day. The fake latency is also well-implemented and seems to be very responsive/live updating, you never get blatant ping spikes on the tab menu, and it is overall very consistent, making melee configuration very effective. Backtracking also makes it very easy to setup a great sniper config that does not look blatant.

Unlike **** i dont find myself using the hitscan triggerbot that much itself (outside of melee) and mostly use auto fire on the aimbot due to its nice config options. Generally though it is nice to be able to change the burst length if you want to use automatic weapons. The combination of great legitbot and backtracking/trigger makes hitscan configs hit very well and look legit.

As for the other trigger features, they are all really well fleshed out, and I couldn't even manage to test every single feature out since there were so many. Some highlights are the highly configurable medigun section, which makes vaccinator use and popping uber very consistent, and this is not something anyone would think a cheat would make better so you won't get called out.

The auto-reflect features are insane, covers about every single use of airblast you can probably think of (yes, really), this really makes you feel like you have god mode on pyro. The auto sticky detonate and release are suprisingly very nice to use, I would give them a shot if you are dissatisfied with ****'s. All of the automation tab features tend to be really smartly coded and inventive as far as TF2 cheats go.

The auto-rocketjump feature is the only one that doesn't really end up being super useful, but I really like the idea and it is much more interesting than the one on ****, if some more work was done on it to make it more of a rocketjump assist than an automation, either by using common rocket-jump spots and letting you basically automate rollouts or to time pogo jumps perfectly, there's a lot that could be done, and while the current implementation isn't super practical I see a lot of potential in it.

VI. Features - Visuals:

I've never been very creative with visuals, but I know that a lot of people are, and you will definitely feel right at home here. The visuals have endless customization for just about anything that you can think of and everything is color configurable. The chams look infinity times better than ****'s and have some really nice configuration options, so if this is something that is important to you do then definitely take note.

To me, this kind of stuff isn't 100% necessary, but I really do like how good the chams end up being for legit play, it's also nice to have a lot of freedom in terms of disabling things like screen overlays from jarate, and some really good looking features i've never seen before like viewmodel following silent aim. There isn't anything I would say is really missing here.

VII. Features - Misc:

Things get interesting here. The things that rijin does, it tends to do very well.

The crit hack is top notch and very reliable, so much so that it can end up being blatant if you start relying on it too much as it will in my experience always crit when you want it to, I don't know how rijin does it. Fast queue is something I didn't know that I needed until I tried rijin, also some black magic fuckery but really great.

Bunnyhop/autostrafe tends to not be super important in tf2 but if you are looking for it then it feels much more responsive than ****. Fake latency I mentioned with backtracking but one of the selling points of the cheat, absolutely great and very consistent at controlling backtrack ticks, even actively adjusting for your real latency.

I didn't get to test party networking features but they look really interesting, if only I had friends who cheated right? But if you do, this is something that you might enjoy. Similarly, the rest of the misc features are neat QoL features that you probably expect, overall has more customization than ****, with some sprinkles on top like the auto-cheater detection.

A big feature that is missing here, however, which I would've loved to see is a skinchanger. This is a staple in CSGO cheats but most tf2 players are probably starting to expect this, it is really appreciated in a legit cheating experience.

Some people also care about having luas as a part of a cheat experience, personally this has never had a draw for me even in hvh, but currently rijin does not have support for them if you care about that.

VIII. Conclusion - Verdict:

Should you buy rijin as a legit cheat? It really depends. You should keep in mind that you are paying a steeper price than some other options, but you are definitely getting something for that price.

The main person who I'd recommend rijin to is someone who cares about competitive play, consistently plays one specific playstyle, and who doesn't care about a skinchanger. If you are in need of consistent legitbot and a high-performing backtrack cheat you've absolutely got it here, but in terms of the more casual audience that wants to mess around maybe this isn't a priority. Rijin also does not tank your fps like **** tends to, it really has solidified itself as a cheat that performs really well when you configure it to do a specific thing.

As for me... well... I'm going to have to wait before I consider renewing my subscription. I'm glad I tried rijin and it is definitely on my radar now, but the lack of a skinchanger, and the limitations I mentioned in the menu itself make it a hard sell given the price. With updates, if there comes a point where I am able to config all of the different weapons I want, a decent skinchanger gets added, the decision becomes much easier. For me it seems that rijin has already succeeded at all of the hard parts of making a good legit cheat, it just needs to get some of the low hanging fruit to make the experience for a casual legit cheater a little better before I would make it my main driver.

IX. Part 2 - HVH

If I have enough time before my sub runs out, I will do my best to give a decent review of HvH features, since I can see that a lot of effort has been put in this area. HVH is also probably the main reason people would buy rijin, so it wouldn't really be doing it justice to review it only as a legit cheat. I am not the most insane hvher by any means, but I think with a little bit of testing I'll be able to give a decently informed opinion on hvh performance.

Thank you for reading. See you on part 2.
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