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Should you purchase rijin? (Thorough Rijin TF2 review)

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Ive played with a few other hacks in the past and yet Ive found that none other has come even close.
Not only is the optimization better than most and feels and plays smoother, it is cheaper to own and entirely dominates HvH matches.

Rijin's pros:

Over other hacks:
Never crashes, has every bell and whistle imaginable, gui is very clean and concise and doesn't take up much of the screen at all.

Completely class customizable, silent aimbot is flawless and the "automatic" mode never shoots walls like with *******
Projectile prediction is incredible, hits nearly every time even when they're in the air
You can chose where the aimbot hits and automatically is on the best spot for each class
Has spread manipulation and accuracy mitigations so you can hit predictable shots
Has auto melee (which every client does)

Assessment: Overall amazing experience with the aimbot, has never failed me and works better than every other hack I have tried 10/10

Visuals (page 1)(11/10):
Fully customizable esp with health bars, names, ubercharge bar, how long until the flag returns to base, distance, enemy pipes, stickies, and rockets, ect ect (literally so much stuff)
Customizable colors for GUI
Shows healthpacks, ammo, etc
Shows injured teammates as medic
Shows damaged buildings as engineer
Shows hitboxes on hit
FOV from 90-140 degrees
6 custom bullet tracers
(A few more things I don't use but can be useful)

Assessment: Overall Very good and there is an entire second page with even more modules. (11/10 amazing job rijin)

Visuals (page 2)(10/10):
Chams, any color with customizable opacity
Works for everything that esp works on
Style change for chams, blur(which makes objects "shine" or stencil which outlines an object)
Class schemes, red/blu, enemy/teammate

Assessment: Great ideas for the color schemes and showing what to highlight in game 10/10

Hacker vs Hacker(HvH) (10/10):
good antiaim, anti backtrack, resolver, fake lag, peak assist

Assessment: is one of the best in hvh from what I have seen, stomps most hvh matches (depending on player and or medic) 10/10

Best force crits ive ever seen, flawless bhop
INCREDIBLE DT, it literally still functions perfectly even with over 200-300 ping, it also can passively charge and when paired with force crits it is a pub stomper. You can also chose when it functions (on aimbot)
fast queue and region blocker
so many other options but too lazy to type so here are the ones i use:
Anti backstab(works great, never had a problem with it)
Auto mute bots(they can be incredibly annoying and now i don't have to deal with them)
No idle kick (Im not sure if it works since im never idle but im sure it works, take this information with a grain of salt)

Assessment: What really outshines everything is the DT and crits, I dont really think about anything else when playing. overall entirely functional, how all hacks should be 11/10


Auto Medi Gun, vaccinator, uber, kritz, and auto use on "activate charge", all work perfectly, no complaints.
Auto reflect(Although Ive never used it i'm sure its great)
Trigger bot, works great, can chose delay and what to shoot at automatically
Backtrack to crosshair
Auto disguise
Auto rocket jumper
Auto sticky detonation, can chose how many stickies you put down before it detonates automatically.
Auto detonator, works every time
Auto sapper

Assessment:The automatons all work perfectly 10/10

Rijin's cons/solutions(for devs):
(I will be super nit-picky here, feel free to skip, This is mainly for the devs to look at)

GUI shows up on screen upon loadup and prevents you from clicking on anything, perhaps a little notification that it loaded would be better and less annoying,
configs are a great idea but maybe put some other premade configs such as "rage sniper, rage heavy" stuff like that to save customer's time
Maybe a faint circle that shows up around your crosshair to show the cone of your silentaim so you know how to aim instead of using the enemy highlight prompt
Have more hotkeys to turn modules on and off for things such as aimbot, dt, crits, automelee
Have a "self destruct" button where it toggles off all modules in a hurry (if you're a closet hacker)

Final statement:
(i am not getting paid to say this i just really like it)
Ive played with a few other hacks in the past and yet Ive found that none other has come even close.
Not only is the optimization better than most and feels and plays smoother, it is cheaper to own and entirely dominates servers.

If you want the most bang for your buck hack with an insane amount of features that work better than most other hacks than this is definitely for you.
an incredibly active and accepting community, with even better mods, i would say that it is entirely worth it for 10$ a month and should honestly be priced more for something this good (pls dont, i like the price) so as my final statement, Yes. buy it. you'll love it.


(let me know if you have questions, i am also open to constructive criticism of my review)
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Hello, thanks for the review. I've added some time to your subscription. Enjoy!
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